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Everyday we work hard to allow anyone who owns a website to solve their Privacy Policy problems.
Meanwhile, we do our best to offer end users as well as our customers the best possible experience for protection and information about their personal data.

This is our way to leave a mark in this world.
This is our mission.


Iubenda comes to life in February 2011, from an idea its founder Andrea Giannangelo had two years before. Soon Domenico Vele joins the team, with his contribution of great expertise.

The question on which everything starts is: writing the Privacy Policy for a website is frustrating and boring, why don’t we solve the problem once and for all?
And here we are, feverishly working every day in this mission.

During the first months of 2011, the team of iubenda adds a key element. Carlo Rossi Chauvenet joins iubenda as "the lawyer".

In March 2011, even before the launch on the market, but with the strength deriving from several months of market research, iubenda receives investments from top level investors, among the best Italian minds in the field of the web: the Venture Capital fund Digital Investment SCA SICAR (under the advise of dPixel, by Gianluca Dettori) along with the Business Angels Andrea Di Camillo e Marco Magnocavallo.
Having these investors joining iubenda is a source of pride and gives added credibility to our project.

What’s the meaning of iubenda?

Iubenda is a latin word. It’s the passive periphrastic of the verb iubeo (to command), and its meaning is "the things that have to be commanded". Shortly, it’s a periphrasis of the word "law".


Our team is full of diversity and contaminations.
The drive that motivates us comes from the willingness to make this world better. To give concrete strength to this desire, we work hard everyday to make the legal world easier for everyone, starting from the Privacy Policy.

Domenico Vele

He has gained considerable experience as an IT consultant at Altran Spa, where he has dealt with a wide range of industry sectors such as banking back office, telecommunication infrastructures, military defense and health care systems. Three years ago he moved to web systems joining the MyPage.it startup team as Lead Software Engineer.
After this experience, he has been asked by Andrea Giannangelo to lead the software design for the Iubenda project. He’s now CTO.

[email protected]

Carlo Rossi Chauvenet

Born in Verona in 1981, he graduates with honors at the Bocconi University, Milan. He obtained a PhD in private law at the University of Padova, and an LLm in international trade law at the New York University and at the National University of Singapore. Since 2006, he’s been a professor at the Bocconi University and lawyer for one of the top law firms in the world.


Our investors are part of our team, we work with them very closely. The team of dPixel (chaired by Gianluca Dettori) and the contributions of Andrea Di Camillo, Marco Magnocavallo and Stefano Bernardi play a key role for us.


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