Privacy Policy of the Facebook app

This Application collects some Personal Data from its Users.

  • Facebook permissions asked by this Application

    • Basic information

      Allows the Owner to retrieve some basic information from your Facebook profile.

    • About Me

      Provides access to the 'About Me' section of the profile.

    • Activities

      Provides access to the user's list of activities

    • Birthday

      Provides access to the birthday.

    • Contact email

      Access the user's contact email address.

    • Create notes

      Add or modify notes.

    • Current City

      Provides access to the user's current location.

    • Email

      Send emails

    • Hometown

      Provides access to the user's hometown.

    • Lista degli Amici

    • Publish App Activity

      Publish the user's app activity.

    • Publish Checkins

      Publish checkins on the user's behalf.

    • Publish to the Wall

      Publish content to the Wall.

    • Share

      Share items on the user's behalf.

    • Status Updates

      Update the status.

    • Upload Photos

      Add or modify photos.

    • Video upload

      Add or modify videos.

    • Work History

      Provides access to work history.

  • Use of the Data and other Data collected

    • Access to third party services' accounts

      • Access to the Facebook account

        Permissions: About Me, Activities, Birthday, Contact email, Create notes, Current City, Email, Hometown, Lista degli Amici, Publish App Activity, Publish Checkins, Publish to the Wall, Share, Status Updates, Upload Photos, Video upload and Work History

Contact information

    • Data owner

      Mediabrand S.r.l. - Via Forleo, 13 - 74121 Taranto (Italia), [email protected]