Twitter’s lead generation cards are a very interesting way of collecting email addresses/users. One thing Twitter wants you to do however before you’re good to go, is to provide a privacy policy. 

Well of course that’s an annoying additional requirement I bet you were not thinking about before. That’s where (obviously) iubenda comes in handy. Iubenda can craft that much needed privacy policy for your Twitter Lead Generation cards.

Twitter Lead Generation cards privacy policy requirement

Since you are collecting email addresses and names for a certain goal Twitter requires you to provide a privacy policy. When you find the card creation interface in Twitter’s ads section, you’ll click on the Lead Generation radio button.



Next, you will fill all the details needed for the lead generation until you’ll see a form labeled “Privacy policy URL” and small copy saying “Your privacy policy must explain how user data is being used.”


The question mark reveals more: You must provide a link to your privacy policy on your site in order to use the Lead Generation card.

Iubenda helps a great deal with this. By signing up and telling us what the data is exactly that your site collects, your privacy policy comes out generated on the other side. Then the privacy policy can be embedded onto your site or you can just use the direct link provided as well.

Generate a privacy policy for your Twitter Lead Generation card now

About the implementation of the privacy policy link

Then, when you’re done with creating your card, you’ll see how it looks:


The privacy policy will be displayed right there on the card. What Twitter also tells you is to link to a privacy policy that originates on your site. 

If you therefore implement the privacy policy onto your site, make sure to include it in the footer because that’s where people look first and data protection authorities want it.

Now that you’ve mastered the part of the privacy policy, take a look what other people can teach you about the lead generation cards:

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iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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