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Phone webcam icon Do you really need to cover your webcam?

Yes, you should. In the deep web, accesses to personal webcams are sold for about $1 each. In the past, bugs in web-based technologies have allowed attackers to gain access to users’ webcams. The last one, earlier this month, was found in Zoom, the most popular video conferencing app in the world. A simple spy blocker sticker can prevent any hacker from taking pictures or recording your private life through your webcam.

Serious Zoom security flaw could let websites hijack Mac cameras →

A Zoom flaw gives hackers easy access to your webcam →

Who is Iubenda icon Who is iubenda?

iubenda is trusted by over 60,000 clients in more than 100 countries as the easiest and most professional way to generate and manage privacy & cookie policies and terms & conditions, to store and manage user consent and to comply with the ePrivacy (Cookie Law), the GDPR and the upcoming CCPA.

Data protection icon Why are we doing this?

We have been creating software for privacy compliance since 2011 and we know how harmful privacy violations can be. With this initiative, we want to bring this awareness to as many people as possible.

Trusted by over 60,000 clients in 100+ countries

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Best reviewed GDPR Compliance Solution on Capterra with 5 stars

“If you, like me, are part of a smart team and hate updating your privacy policy every time you add some code to your site, then iubenda is for you. It's ridiculously affordable, and super easy to use.”

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