How to Add a Cookie Policy to Your Privacy Policy

Once you have generated your privacy policy, you will find it in your iubenda dashboard alongside every other privacy policy generated by the same iubenda account.

First, go to the dashboard and select the privacy policy for which you want to generate a cookie policy. You’ll notice that in the sidebar of each privacy policy there is a “Cookie Policy” widget.

sidebar: generate cookie policy

Click on “Activate/Configure cookie policy”. A window will open. By activating this option, your cookie policy will be generated automatically based on the configuration of your privacy policy. You don’t have to do anything else.


If, in addition to the cookie policy, you also want to use the cookie solution by iubenda to manage the banner visualization, consent and preferences, as well as third party script blocking, please see our complete guide to iubenda’s cookie law solution. The cookie policy feature and the cookie law kit by iubenda are only accessible with Pro licences.

How can I find out which cookies are installed by my website?

We invite you to read this article, dedicated to locating cookies installed by your website. There are also free extensions (such as Ghostery or Built With) available for different browsers. These extensions allow you to quickly inspect the site in real-time.

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