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BravoPromo.fr collecte certaines Données personnelles de ses Utilisateurs.

Données personnelles collectées pour les raisons suivantes et en utilisant les services suivants :

    • Affichage de contenus à partir de plateformes externes

      • Google Fonts

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    • Affiliation commerciale

      • Awin, Booking.com Affiliate Partner Programme, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, eBay Partner Network, Effiliation, LinkShare, NetAffiliation, Skimlinks et TradeTracker

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      • Admitad

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      • Affilae, Digidip, Groupon, Kelkoo et Partnerize

    • Analyses

      • Anonymisation IP dans Google Analytics et Suivi des conversions de Google Ads

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    • Gestion des balises

      • Google Tag Manager

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    • Gestion des contacts et envoi de messages

      • MailUp

        Données personnelles : adresse électronique

      • OneSignal

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    • Inscription et authentification

      • Inscription directe

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    • Protection anti-SPAM

      • Google reCAPTCHA

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    • Publicité

      • Tradedoubler, Webgains, Microsoft Advertising et Belboon

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    • Remarketing et ciblage comportemental

      • Remarketing Google Ads

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Autres informations sur les Données personnelles

    • Public-Idees TimeOneGroup

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      Privacy Policy

    • DaisyCon

      This website uses the services of Daisycon to promote advertisers through performance based advertising. Performance based advertising is a fair form of advertising because an advertiser only pays for actual and measurable results.

      To be able to execute this service, our partner Daisycon uses so-called affiliate cookies and matching data. With these cookies a match can be made between the transaction with the advertiser and this website. Because of this, Daisycon knows that this website must receive a fee. When registering this fee, this website will have access to basic, anonymous transaction data. This data may only be stored and / or edited by this website in order to promote the relevant advertiser more effectively or to make statistical analyzes. This website ensures that stored data is adequately secured and adheres to applicable privacy guidelines and legislation. We have explained this to Daisycon by accepting the General Publisher conditions.

      The use of affiliate cookies and the storage of anonymous transaction data does not endanger the privacy of the visitor to this website. According to the Telecommunications Act and the GDPR, no permission is required for this. With regard to the data processing within the GDPR, we rely on the assessment basis for the Justified Interest. We do however need to inform our visitors about the use. Click here to read more about the affiliate cookies and the privacy policy of Daisycon.

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