Privacy Policy of

This Application collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

    • Access to third party services' accounts

      • Access to the Facebook account

        Permissions: Birthday, Email, Likes and Offline Access

    • Analytics

      • Google Analytics with anonymized IP

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

    • Contacting the User

      • Mailing List or Newsletter

        Personal Data: email address and first name

      • Contact form

        Personal Data: email address

    • Data transfer outside the EU

      • Data transfer from the EU and/or Switzerland to the U.S based on Privacy Shield

        Personal Data: various types of Data

    • Device permissions for Personal Data access

      • Device permissions for Personal Data access

        Personal Data: Precise location permission (non-continuous)

    • Displaying content from external platforms

      • Vimeo video

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

    • Hosting and backend infrastructure

      • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Interaction with external social networks and platforms

      • Facebook Like button and social widgets and Twitter Tweet button and social widgets

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

    • Location-based interactions

      • Non-continuous geolocation and Geolocation

        Personal Data: geographic position

    • Managing contacts and sending messages

      • Amazon Simple Email Service

        Personal Data: email address

    • Registration and authentication

      • Facebook Authentication

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Social features

      • Public profile

        Personal Data: country, first name, gender, picture and username

Further information about Personal Data

    • Web hosting

      In addition to Amazon AWS (as specified in the related section of this privacy policy) we also use Dreamhost as Web hosting provider.
      Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

    • Access to Deezer account

      This Application may ask for some Deezer ( permissions allowing it to perform actions with the User's Deezer account (add a song to the favourites list, create a playlsit, add a song to a playlist ) and to retrieve information, including Personal Data, from it (even when the use is not using the application). In particular we can access to your Deezer id, first and last name, email, birthdate, listening logs, Deezer's subscription details, Deezer registration date, gender, profile picture, country, language.

      Deezer's Privacy Policy

    • Access to Last.FM account

      This application can, if the user provides her Last.FM username, retrieve information, including personal information, from the Last.FM account. In particular we access to the Last.FM listening logs.

      Last.FM Privacy Policy.

    • Personal data and information about your activity on Mentor.FM

      We collect some personal data and the occurrence of some events related to how you use this application (Mentor.FM). We do it in order to provide better recommendations.

      In particular, apart from the data provided by Facebook (id, gender, name, music-related pages that you like, birthdate) and Deezer / Last.FM (see dedicated section), we collect your IP address and the browser / app you used.

      The events we register are mainly related to your interaction with the suggestions, for example: when you asked for the generation of a playlist, the playlist's type (normal, surprise me!, mood), the songs proposed by Mentor.FM, if and when you liked a song proposed by Mentor.FM or when you skipped a song.

      You can find further details and the terms of use at this page , which is considered integral part of this privacy policy.

    • Unique device identification

      This Application may track Users by storing a unique identifier of their device, for analytics purposes or for storing Users' preferences.

    • The Service is not directed to children under the age of 13

      Users declare themselves to be adult according to their applicable legislation. Minors may use this Application only with the assistance of a parent or guardian. Under no circumstance persons under the age of 13 may use this Application.

    • Analysis and predictions based on the User’s Data (“profiling”)

      The Owner may use the Personal and Usage Data collected through this Application to create or update User profiles. This type of Data processing allows the Owner to evaluate User choices, preferences and behaviour for the purposes outlined in the respective section of this document.

      User profiles can also be created through the use of automated tools like algorithms, which can also be provided by third parties. To find out more, about the profiling activities performed, Users can check the relevant sections of this document.

      The User always has a right to object to this kind of profiling activity. To find out more about the User's rights and how to exercise them, the User is invited to consult the section of this document outlining the rights of the User.

Contact information

    • Owner and Data Controller

      Eugenio Tacchini, Via Chiapponi, 48 29121 Piacenza Italy

      Owner contact email: