Privacy Policy of

This Website collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

    • Advertising

      • Direct Email Marketing (DEM)

        Personal Data: email address; first name; last name

    • Analytics

      • Google Analytics with anonymized IP

        Personal Data: Tracker; Usage Data

    • Contacting the User

      • Contact form

        Personal Data: email address; first name; last name; phone number; various types of Data

      • Phone contact

        Personal Data: phone number

      • Mailing list or newsletter

        Personal Data: email address; first name; last name; phone number

      • Email contact

    • Displaying content from external platforms

      • Google Fonts

        Personal Data: Usage Data; various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

      • Font Awesome

        Personal Data: Usage Data

      • YouTube video widget

        Personal Data: Tracker; Usage Data

    • Hosting and backend infrastructure

      • iubenda Consent Solution

        Personal Data: Data communicated while using the service

      • Serverplan

        Personal Data: Usage Data

    • Interaction with external social networks and platforms

      • LinkedIn button and social widgets, Facebook Like button and social widgets, Pinterest “Pin it” button and social widgets and Twitter Tweet button and social widgets

        Personal Data: Tracker; Usage Data

      • YouTube button and social widgets

        Personal Data: Usage Data

      • “WhatsApp” button and social widgets (WhatsApp Inc.)

    • SPAM protection

      • Google reCAPTCHA

        Personal Data: Tracker; Usage Data

    • Tag Management

      • Google Tag Manager

        Personal Data: Usage Data

Further information about Personal Data

    • WPML

      WPML stores only those cookies that are important for it to function properly.

      As a default, WPML does not set cookies for visitors who are not logged in.

      For logged-in users, it only sets cookies to identify their current language and the last visited language.

      List of WPML Cookies:
      The following is the list of all cookies stored by WPML:

      wp-wpml_current_language – Stores the current language. By default, this cookie is set only for logged-in users. If you enable the language cookie to support AJAX filtering, this cookie will also be set for users who are not logged in.
      wp-wpml_current_admin_language_{hash} – Stores the current WordPress administration area language.
      _icl_visitor_lang_js – Stores the redirected language.
      wpml_browser_redirect_test – Tests if cookies are enabled.

      Read our Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance page for more information about the cookies we use on and how we handle and protect your data.

    • Hotel Booking MotoPress

      The Hotel Booking MotoPress plugin is a suite for the management of rental properties, it comes with its own booking system, it can also be used without the latter with the sole purpose of showing the properties.

      The Hotel Booking MotoPress plugin for WordPress installs cookies only for its proper functioning on the site where it is active, regardless of the use of its booking system.

      Hotel Booking MotoPress cookie list:
      mphb_session - Stores information regarding booking requests, its duration is 1 day.

      More information is available on this page.

    • iubenda Cookie Solution (consent Cookie)

      iubenda consent Cookie (_iub_cs-X) is set by the iubenda Cookie Solution and stores User preferences related to Trackers in the local domain.

Contact information

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