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This Website collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Personal Data processed for the following purposes and using the following services:

    • Advertising

      • Direct Email Marketing (DEM)

        Personal Data: email address

    • Analytics

      • Matomo

        Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data

    • Contacting the User

      • Contact form

        Personal Data: email address; first name; last name; phone number; ZIP/Postal code

    • Displaying content from external platforms

      • Google Maps widget and YouTube video widget

        Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data

      • Google Fonts

        Personal Data: Usage Data; various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Interaction with external social networks and platforms

      • ShareThis

        Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data

    • Registration and authentication

      • Facebook Authentication

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • RSS feed management

      • Feedburner

        Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data

    • SPAM protection

      • Akismet

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

Information on opting out of interest-based advertising

In addition to any opt-out feature provided by any of the services listed in this document, Users may learn more on how to generally opt out of interest-based advertising within the dedicated section of the cookie policy.

Further information about the processing of Personal Data

    • Image storage

      We store some user supplied content on the Traditional Painter secure server for internal Traditional Painter use. This includes images of projects where quotes are requested, or photos of projects where advice is sought on solving an enquirer's problem.)

    • 3rd party login authentication to forum

      Traditional Painter is committed to not tracking our users.

      The sole purpose of offering a 3rd party login option to the Traditional Painter forum ( via FaceBook or Twitter is to validate the identity of a person via the email address they have logged with their FaceBook or Twitter account. In other words, does this person control the email address they are logging in with via FaceBook or Twitter.

      We do not track you but recommend that you check your settings with FaceBook and Twitter to see the status of the permanent cookie they installed on your browser when you first signed up. We don't track you when you leave our site, and if you don't wish to be tracked by these companies as you come to and leave our website, disable their cookie!

      We advise you and all our readers to check cookies settings in the system preferences of your browsers to make sure you are aware of how you are being tracked by other websites.

    • Product recommendations

      Disclosure of Material Connection:

      Some of the links on are “affiliate links” identified by an *. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we may receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we have used ourselves and believe will add value to our readers.

      When you click on a link it is normally recorded by an intermediary company, called an Affiliate Network which owns and runs the technology that manages the links and banners that website owners place on their pages. Any sales that result from consumers clicking on those links are then tracked and recorded by the advertiser with the network providing details of which websites generated those sales.

      None of the advertising served by affiliate marketing captures personal data relating to an online user unless that data is specifically requested and entered by the consumer, such as an enquiry for services.

    • Analytics

      We would like you to understand that our analytics software does not enable any 3rd party cookies (tracking software).

      We only track visitors on the traditionalpainter website to enable us to work out for example how many visitors we have and from where, or popular posts. We only look for patterns, not specific user data. Therefore we only enable first party cookies.

      Technical terminology: Matomo (Piwik) by default does not use third party cookies and we do not enable a third party _pk_uid cookie. Matomo (Piwik) by default uses 1st party cookies, set on Cookies created by Matomo start with: _pk_ref, _pk_cvar, _pk_id, _pk_ses.

      IP addresses ie the traceable addresses of users' computers or phones, are currently deleted after 10 days for troubleshooting purposes only. (Google keeps them for many months). We will be working on reducing this lag to the bare minimum and anonymising IP addresses.

      Cookie information

      Cookies are in essence tracking software that the majority of websites place in your browser. 3rd party cookies are installed when you visit most websites. They may be permanent (as in FaceBook) or given an expiration time, maybe 30 days one ecommerce sites) 3rd party cookies are legal and " help with user experience, or serving appropriate ads" etc. First party cookies are temporary and site specific only. There is a directive requiring websites to display their Cookie policy when you arrive, so you know what may be installed if you use the site.

      Traditional Painter cookie approach
      We are a site that respects our visitors' privacy and we have never had any interest in serving you ads or inadvertently enabling ad agencies target our Users once they leave our website. Our business model negates the need for any of this ad based intrusion.

      As part of our commitment to eradicate 3rd party cookies to ensure our Users are not tracked when they leave the website, we have removed Google Analytics and replaced it with an Open Source analytics software that does not require 3rd party cookies. Therefore:

      How not to be tracked online
      If you do not wish us to track you as explained above on or you do not wish to be tracked by any other companies who have installed 3rd party cookies before or after your visit to our site?

      Alter settings in the Privacy section of system preferences of your browser - Do not accept any cookies. If you exclude yourself from being tracked using the cookie method, our analytics software will create a cookie piwik_ignore set on the domain.

      In summary:

      Matomo is an analytics software used by this Website to analyze data directly without the help of third parties.

      Provider of Piwik (Matomo)

      This website


      Personal Data collected

      First party only
      Usage data - The Data collected is never used to contextualize and personalize ads on TP or for any 3rd party advertising network

    • Direct registration to site


      This website


      This applies to registration and authentication of invited Traditional Painter members only listed here

      Personal Data collected

      First name
      Last name
      Email address

      Privacy Policy

      The User registers by filling out the registration form and providing the Personal Data directly to this Website. This option is not accessible to the general public.

    • Facebook Like button and Social media interaction

      On this website, there is no interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook, Inc. In other words, our website does not provide a means for FaceBook to track you through our website.

      The Facebook Like button and social buttons on are basic images with simple non-tracking links to FaceBook. If you click a Share button and you are not logged in to FaceBook, you will need to log in on your own account before writing your own Share text and links.

      If you are concerned aboutyour data privacy, you should check your settings on FaceBook to verify if the permanent cookie installed on your browser when you first signed up to FaceBook is still there. That cookie is how FaceBook tracks you around the internet. By deleting FaceBook generated Like buttons on our site, we are not aiding them to track you!

    • Contact a painter Map form

      This refers to the painter widget, the interactive map that allows you to find and contact your local recommended Traditional Painter member.

      Users can either email the displayed email address correctly, or fill in the form. Photos or plans may be uploaded with users' contact details.

      In both cases any messages sent to these email addresses get archived into an inbox for Andy Crichton to review. The email is then forwarded to the painter's personal email address.

      The information and any images supplied by the User via the map form or via email are for processing the specific enquiry only. Emails are handled securely via SSL. See the Privacy Policy for further information on secure storage of data provided by Users

      If the painter replies they will do so from their personal email address. They take their responsibilities seriously for processing and storing User information.

    • Mailchimp newsletter

      To sign up for the newsletter you will be asked for your email address. It is optional if you provide your First Name, Last Name

      You will be asked to give your express consent for

      a) Traditional Painter to send you a newsletter

      b) Traditional Painter to store your information

      By registering on the mailing list or for the newsletter, the User’s email address will be added to the contact list of those who may receive email messages containing information of commercial or promotional nature concerning this Application.

      Your email address might also be added to this list as a result of signing up to this Application.

      Your email address will never be added to this list after making a purchase. Newsletter lists are managed by Mailchimp. Refer to their Privacy Policy.

    • Site search

      Duckduckgo is our onsite search engine. Recommended by the Freedom Software Foundation, it does not track users.

      Results are displayed in a separate off-site page.

    • Selling goods and services online -


      This website


      Further information about Personal Data

      Personal Data collected

      Various types of data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

      We DO NOT sell goods, take payment, hold any credit card details, payment systems nor arrange delivery of goods from the website.

      No Personal Data collected will be used to provide the User with services or to sell goods, or take payment or arrange delivery.

    • Public profile - Traditional Painter members and forum members only


      This website


      Social features
      Personal Data collected

      First name
      Last name
      Phone number
      Email address
      Geographic position
      Company name
      Business information

      Privacy Policy
      Users may have public profiles that other Users can display. In addition to the Personal Data provided, this profile may contain Users' interactions with this Website.

    • Telephone contact

      We work with carefully selected Service Providers that carry out certain functions on our behalf to support the services provided to you, eg answer telephone enquiries on 01603....

      We ask callers to provide some or all of the following information to enable us to answer your query.


      We require the third parties who handle your data via this telephone contact number to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. Such third parties have agreed to only process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

      In other words, when your initial contact with Traditional Painter is by phone, the contact information you provide is not stored by the third party, and is forwarded directly to Traditional Painter securely via SSL email.

      Traditional Painter will NEVER use telephone numbers to make unsolicited contact with the public.

      We may share personal data with other organisations in the following circumstances:

      · If the law or a public authority says we must share the personal data;
      · If we need to share personal data in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights (this includes providing personal data to others for the purposes of preventing fraud and reducing credit risk);

    • Comment system managed directly


      This website


      Content commenting
      Personal Data collected

      First name

      Privacy Policy
      This Website has its own internal content comment system.

      Please note we do not store any IP addresses, website URLS or other Personally Identifiable data via comments.

      We have a spam detection system, which may not delete comments from commenters who choose to add their website or email address in the body of their comments. Such commenters should understand that they are fully responsible for putting this information in the public domain.

    • The Service is not directed to children under the age of 13

      Users declare themselves to be adult according to their applicable legislation. Minors may use this Website only with the assistance of a parent or guardian. Under no circumstance persons under the age of 13 may use this Website.

Contact information

    • Owner and Data Controller

      Traditional Painter - Manchester House, 113 Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1HP

      Owner contact email: