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    • Privacy Policy of ARUBA SPA

      Privacy Policy

      Aruba S.p.A.

      Aruba S.p.A. is an Italian company that offers services such as web hosting, email and registration of web domains.

      Other than the registration of domains and emails, Aruba offers services such as connectivity, housing, dedicated server, virtual private server, certified email services (PEC) and digital signatures.

      On top of those it provides Cloud Computing, Private Cloud and Cloud Object Storage. Aruba is a member of AIIP and is a founding partner of the Hoster e Registrars Association (AHR).

      The services in regards to Aruba and the companies associated with them are commissioned through four main data centers: two in Arezzo, one in Ponte San Pietro near Bergamo, dedicated towards Italian and Western European customers, meanwhile a fourth structure (DC-CZ1) provides services to Central Europe and Czech Republic.

      The data center I in Arezzo (DC-IT1) extends on 5000 square meters, meanwhile the II (DC-IT2) extends on 2000 square meters, and at last, the most recent one, named Global Cloud Data Center (DC-IT3) has a surface of 25.000 square meters, the latter, in regards to connectivity is defined carrier neutra with possibilities to implement solutions of managed connectivity. Other data centers part of the network are located in Europe, Germany (Frankfurt), England (London) and France (Paris), for the supply in regards to cloud services and specific functions of disaster recovery.

      Privacy Policy di ARUBA SPA


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      Personal Data gathered: various types of Data in regards to what it’s specified in the privacy policy of the service.
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