Privacy Policy of collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

    • Advertising

      • Google AdSense

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

    • Analytics

      • Google Analytics and Google Analytics with anonymized IP

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

    • Commercial affiliation

      • Amazon Affiliation and iTunes affiliation

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

    • Contacting the User

      • Contact form

        Personal Data: email address, first name, last name, various types of Data and website

      • Mailing list or newsletter

        Personal Data: Cookies, email address, first name and last name

      • Email data for music & playlist submissions

    • Displaying content from external platforms

      • Spotify widget, YouTube video widget and Instagram widget

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

      • SoundCloud widget

        Personal Data: Usage Data

      • Google Fonts

        Personal Data: Usage Data and various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

      • Gravatar

        Personal Data: email address and Usage Data

    • Handling payments

      • PayPal and Stripe

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Interaction with external social networks and platforms

      • Facebook Like button and social widgets, Twitter Tweet button and social widgets, PayPal button and widgets and ShareThis

        Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data

      • YouTube button and social widgets

        Personal Data: Usage Data

    • Location-based interactions

      • Geolocation

        Personal Data: geographic position

      • IP API

    • Managing contacts and sending messages

      • Amazon Simple Email Service

        Personal Data: email address

    • SPAM protection

      • Akismet

        Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

    • Traffic optimization and distribution

      • Cloudflare

        Personal Data: Cookies and various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

Further information about Personal Data

    • Spotify / Deezer / Apple Music Authorisation

      Each time you want to submit a track to a playlist using our system we are going ask you to follow the curator's account, our Spotify account and the playlist you want your track featured on.

      Once you click the submit button and authorize the connection our APP is going to automatically take these actions for you (you are going to follow the listed profile & playlist). Your submission form will be unlocked after that.

      You can disconnect your account from the Soundplate app at any time.

      We do not store any sensitive personal information like your unique username, profile/channel ID, gender, street address, real name and etc. Display names are not unique and can be easily changed, so we have decided, that this is the only information we would need to keep track of who is submitting music. We never extract and store any location information from your authorised account (like your street address).

      We will NEVER extract personal details and will never make you follow any profile or playlist other than the actions which are clearly stated on the submission pages.

      For further information about the data we store and how we use it please contact us at

    • Advertising / Upgrades / Music Tools - Refund Policy

      We are committed to our users and advertisers and will always try our best to deliver the exact service we describe.

      If for any reason we cannot deliver the service as stated we will offer a full refund.

      Once a product or service has been delivered/completed the sale is final and no refunds will be offered.

      Refunds will not in any case be offered on previous purchases in the event of any outage/downtime due to changes within third-party services or other factors outside of our own control.

    • Analysis and predictions based on the User’s Data (“profiling”)

      The Owner may use the Personal and Usage Data collected through to create or update User profiles. This type of Data processing allows the Owner to evaluate User choices, preferences and behaviour for the purposes outlined in the respective section of this document.
      User profiles can also be created through the use of automated tools like algorithms, which can also be provided by third parties. To find out more, about the profiling activities performed, Users can check the relevant sections of this document.
      The User always has a right to object to this kind of profiling activity. To find out more about the User's rights and how to exercise them, the User is invited to consult the section of this document outlining the rights of the User.

    • Selling goods and services online

      The Personal Data collected are used to provide the User with services or to sell goods, including payment and possible delivery.
      The Personal Data collected to complete the payment may include the credit card, the bank account used for the transfer, or any other means of payment envisaged. The kind of Data collected by depends on the payment system used.

Contact information

    • Owner and Data Controller

      Soundplate LTD

      Owner contact email: