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Questa Applicazione raccoglie alcuni Dati Personali dei propri Utenti.

Dati personali raccolti per le seguenti finalità ed utilizzando i seguenti servizi:

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        Dati Personali: cognome, email, nome e provincia

    • Gestione dei pagamenti

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        Dati Personali: varie tipologie di Dati secondo quanto specificato dalla privacy policy del servizio

    • Interazione con social network e piattaforme esterne

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    • Statistica

      • Google Analytics, Monitoraggio conversioni di Facebook Ads e Monitoraggio conversioni di Google Ads

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Ulteriori informazioni sui Dati Personali

    • Tag Commander

      What is TagCommander ?

      TagCommander is a Saas Application providing a Universal Tag Container service. It produces a tag container (master tag or meta tag) that concentrates in one tag the work done by several classical tags. As a consequence, it will simplify the management of tags, accelerate the customization and deployment process. It will also accelerate the suppression of tags and increase the reactivity of marketing teams when they want to deactivate a tag. TagCommander helps its customers to take control over the life cycle of tags.

      How Does TagCommander Collect Data?

      We use online techniques such as "cookies" and "pixel tags" to collect data. Cookies are small bits of information that identify a browser. You may be able to set your browser to reject all third-party cookies (including those set by TagCommander) or to alert you when a third-party cookie is sent. For more information, please look at your browser's specific instructions for managing cookies. Pixel tags are small strings of code that provide a method for delivering an image online. An entity that serves a pixel tag can set, read, and modify cookies on, and transfer other data to, the browser that receives the online image. Pixel tags can also obtain information about the computer being used to view that online image. Examples of the types of data we collect through cookies and pixel tags include the following: IP address of the computer, the time it was sent, the user's operating system and browser type, the visitor's browsing and purchasing behavior such as the date and time the visitor visited the website that set the cookie or delivered the pixel tag, the areas of the website visited, the types of products purchased, the information submitted on order forms and website registrations, and other clickstream data, none of which is personally identifiable.

      How Does TagCommander Use The Data?

      We provide the data we collect to the members of our service. These members may use the data for various purposes, such as targeting advertisements or other content to website visitors. Our members have confirmed to us that the collection and use of the data complies with their own privacy policies. We also may use the data we collect to create industry reports, analyses, and similar materials that we may use for sales, marketing or other business purposes.

      How Can I Opt Out?

      As described below, you can opt out by visiting, or you can opt out of having data collected by blocking third party cookies on your web browser. First, if you do not want the members of our service to use non-personally identifiable data for targeting purposes you can visit is a free service and is intended to address important privacy and consumer protection issues in online advertising by giving consumers control and transparency into who is using non-personally identifiable data for targeting purposes. Please note that this process is based on cookies and will only work if your browser accepts third party cookies. Therefore, if you delete a cookie you must re-visit and again elect to opt out. Alternatively, if you wish to prevent the collection of non-personally identifiable information altogether you can block all third-party cookies on your browser. This option may prevent you from enjoying customized experiences on the websites you visit. Please look at your browser's specific instructions for this option.

      How long will we keep the data for?

      We retain data for no more than one year unless we have a business need to retain it for a longer time period.

      Is The Data Secure?

      We take appropriate measures to protect the data in our control from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. While we work very hard to protect the data, no data security measure can guarantee that the data will always remain secure.

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