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Personenbezogene Daten, die zu folgenden Zwecken und unter Verwendung folgender Dienste erhoben werden:

    • Analytik

      • Google Analytics und Facebook Ads Conversion-Tracking

        Personenbezogene Daten: Cookie und Nutzungsdaten

    • Anzeigen von Inhalten externer Plattformen

      • Google Fonts

        Personenbezogene Daten: Nutzungsdaten und verschiedene Datenarten, wie in der Datenschutzerklärung des Dienstes beschrieben

    • Hosting und Backend-Infrastruktur

      • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

        Personenbezogene Daten: verschiedene Datenarten, wie in der Datenschutzerklärung des Dienstes beschrieben

    • Interaktion mit externen sozialen Netzwerken und Plattformen

      • „Gefällt mir“-Schaltfläche und soziale Widgets für Facebook

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    • Kontaktieren des Nutzers

      • Mailingliste oder Newsletter

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      • Kontaktformular

        Personenbezogene Daten: E-Mail, Nachname, Name des Unternehmens, Telefonnummer, verschiedene Datenarten und Vorname

      • Telefonischer Kontakt

        Personenbezogene Daten: Telefonnummer

    • Remarketing und Behavioural-Targeting

      • Remarketing durch Google Analytics für Display-Werbung und Facebook Remarketing

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    • Tag-Verwaltung

      • Google Tag Manager

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    • Verwalten von Kontakten und Versenden von Nachrichten

      • MailChimp

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    • Werbung

      • Google Ad Manager und Google AdSense

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Weitere Informationen zu personenbezogenen Daten


      Here at, we take your privacy seriously and will only collect and/or use the information below in accordance with this Privacy Policy (“Policy”). By visiting our website and/or enrolling in our services, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy.

      How We Collect Your Information
      The amount and type of information we gather depends on your level of interaction with By visiting our website or enrolling in our services, you agree to permit to collect, retain, and use personal and non-personal information as well as cookies from you in the matter set forth in this Policy. When you register for an account, enroll in our services, complete customer surveys, or enable your browser to accept cookies, we receive data from you. This information may be used by us in the manner set forth herein.

      What Information We Collect & How We Use This Information
      Non-personal Information:
      In order to better understand the needs and of our visitors and customers and to provide you with the best possible service, may collect your non-personal information. This information is just basic data that does not include any information that can be used to identify you. Some examples of non-personal information are the date and time you visited, how you reached our site, the sections of the site that you visited, and whether or not you logged in. You agree that may collect, use, and release non-personal information to third parties for any purpose.

      Personal Information
      Your personal information includes all of the data you provide us when you sign up for an account or enroll in our services, including your name, email address, home and business address, telephone number, and payment information. will only collect and use this personal information to enroll you in our services and process your transaction. will only disclose this information to its employees, contractors, and affiliated entities and organizations that are necessary to process your transaction and provide you with our services. Your personal information will not be shared by or its employees, contractors, and affiliated entities and organizations for any other purpose. will take reasonable measures necessary to protect your personal information from disclosure.

      We will not store your credit or debit card information without your express consent. The storage of this financial information is encrypted and will only be accessed by and its employees to process payment for our services, pursuant to the terms and conditions of your enrollment in our services. will not disclose your credit or debit card information to third parties. will not lease or sell any of your personal information to a third party. In the event of a subpoena, court order, or request of the government or a regulatory authority, reserves the right to disclose any such personal information necessary to comply with such subpoena, court order, request, or applicable law.

      From time to time we may use your personal information to contact you via email regarding updates to our services or new promotions and services that we offer. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

      Cookies are data that is stored in your browser while you surf the web. When you visit a website, cookies are sent to the server to let the website know your previous browsing history. We may use cookies to track your use of in order to provide you with a more personalized experience. You may elect to not accept our use of cookies by choosing the appropriate setting on your browser. However, without cookies, you may not be able to experience some of the features of

      Content from Third Parties
      This Policy covers the use of cookies and your personal and non-personal information by only. Any third-party content on, including, but not limited to, advertisements is not governed by this Policy. You must refer directly to the privacy policy of each third party with respect to the potential use of your personal/non-personal information and cookies.

      Changes to this Policy
      We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time in the sole and absolute discretion of Changes to this Policy will be effective when posted to this page and your continued use of’s website and its services shall constitute your acceptance to such changes. shall not be required to notify you in writing when changes are made to this Police. We recommend that you check this page periodically to stay up to day on any modifications made to this Policy.

      This Agreement shall apply to and its successors and assignees. You acknowledge that’s successors and assignees, if any, shall have the right to use your personal and non-personal information as set forth in this Policy.

      Last Updated: February 26th, 2015


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