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This Website collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

    • Analytics

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    • Displaying content from external platforms

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    • Interaction with external social networks and platforms

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Further information about Personal Data

    • Contact Us by Telephone or Email: Personal Data: Name and Contact details

      When you call UKLGIG your phone number is recorded by our telephone system unless withheld by you. Your call may be directed to an answerphone if no one is available to speak to you. Messages and calls are noted in our written telephone message log.

      All emails are stored confidentially by us in line with our data retention policy.

      Requests for Advice or Support:

      All requests for advice and support are treated as confidential.

      If you contact us for advice or another service we need to have information about you before we can assess how we might help you. We will keep notes about you and about your immigration status. Our services are for people who are LGBTQI+, so we will may ask you about your sexual orientation and/or gender identity history. It is your choice whether you give us this information but without that it is likely to be difficult to assess your need for our services and it may be difficult to give you correct advice. We may also ask if you will tell us if you have any criminal convictions as this can be relevant to your immigration or asylum case.

      We are obliged by official regulators (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner and the Solicitors Regulation Authority) to keep records of any immigration advice that we give so they can be sure we are advising properly.

      We use information about asylum seekers and migrants couples who contact us to give us a better understanding of their experiences of the asylum or immigration system. We compile statistics, undertake research or using anonymous information from clients. We will never share anything that identifies any individual person without their permission.

      We are sometimes contacted by people, such as lawyers or supporters for general advice for an asylum seeker they are helping. We keep written records of those calls and emails which may include details such as name of the asylum seeker.

      Our written records of advice calls and emails are also used by staff and managers to supervise the services we give.

      Who sees the personal data we have?

      Any information we have about you will be kept private and confidential between you and the staff, trustees and volunteers at UKLGIG. We will only pass information about you to someone else:-
      - With your permission; or
      - If the law says we must (this happens only very rarely); or
      - to prevent serious harm to someone;

      How long do we keep personal data?

      We keep personal data for as short a time as possible. This can be up to 6 years if you have had legal advice from us, but other personal data from service users and contacts may be kept for only 6 – 12 months. Data is erased and paper records destroyed once the time has passed.

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