Force Update and Changing the “Last Updated” Date Information

Sometimes you need to update the “last updated” information on your privacy policy to reflect changes in that privacy policy.

Latest update section at the bottom of the policy
The latest update section at the bottom of the policy.

When do I need to change my last update section?

Whenever you change your privacy policy in our generator, this is not needed. In those cases (in 99.9% of cases), the generator takes care of this for you.

The very rare case in which you need to do this manually is when iubenda performs updates that we want to be ultimately triggered by the user.

The exact use case is this: we’ve made an update, but we do not want to perform this update without you being in charge of the update. In this scenario, you visit your iubenda privacy policy admin area and perform this update yourself. Our change is “cached” and not visible to the user unless you update the privacy policy in any way, or trigger the change by using the dedicated button.

We will always let you know if such a case occurs.

So how do I change my “last update” date?

There are two possible ways to perform such an update.

  1. You can change your privacy policy by adding something new or by removing something from your existing privacy policy. This triggers some background maintenance, removes any cache sitting on your privacy policy and updates the “last updated” section.
  2. We’ve made a dedicated button for this exact use case. It can be found in the privacy policy’s admin page under “Advanced Settings” (dashboard > [your website] > Edit > Advanced Settings). Clicking this button will flush the cache and update the date on your privacy policy to now/today.

The force update button - advanced settings

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