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Apple adds new categories of apps under “privacy policy requirement” for iOS 11

With the official release of iOS 11, Apple has released an update to its App Store Review Guidelines for developers in which they outline the rules for apps so they can be published to the App Store.  In section 5 which covers privacy you’ll now find an updated section that covers the new category of […]

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Google Play’s Prominent Disclosure Requirements

If you’re an Android developer who publishes their apps to the Google Play Store, you might have been warned by Google with the following email subject: “Action required – Potential Google Play Policy Violation: 30-day warning” and asked to take steps to fix the violation. This post may also be read in German “Googles “Erfordernis der […]

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About Google’s “EU user consent policy”

When you use certain Google products, like Firebase, Google enforces their EU user consent policy. In this post we’ll look into the most important statements under this policy and the connections you have to make in your mind. The EU User Consent Policy The EU User Consent Policy Help Google says “when using Google products […]

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Privacy policy for OneSignal

Most developers of apps and websites know by now that they need a privacy policy. Not only is it mandated by many regulations across the planet, but services themselves have also become quite vocal about the need for a privacy policy. Google has recently made sure that any apps requesting specific permissions have a privacy […]

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Privacy policy for Google’s (invisible) reCAPTCHA

As you probably know, and we keep repeating at iubenda, a privacy policy should be on every online site. At least on sites with a commercial intention. If your site has a reCAPTCHA widget installed, then this rule applies as well. In fact, Google requires you to have a privacy policy ready for your users […]

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iubenda on the Cloudflare Apps Platform

Here’s a great new way to use and test iubenda: Cloudflare has relaunched their app integration marketplace and iubenda is part of a select group of apps that are included from day one to celebrate the launch! The Cloudflare Apps Platform enables the installation of third party software to any website running through Cloudflare itself. […]

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iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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