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Why do you need more than one language in your privacy policy?

There are two potential real life situations here: 

App in two languages

Add two languages when you’ve localized into two:

Your first situation is the most common situation. You have an app/website with two languages. In other words, you target two completely different sets of users. One principle for legal documents is that whenever you target a group of speakers of X (by localizing), then you need to be thinking about them being able to read the legal details as well.

App in one language, but you’re based “somewhere else”

Add two languages when you target another region than your home country:

Excuse me for being so generic with the title. Let’s try with a real world situation. You’ve made an app in English and everything is kept in English. You however, are based in Germany.

It’s possible that your local data protection authorities want you to offer a privacy policy in their language as well. In the case above you’d offer English & German.

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