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We detected that the app(s) listed at the end of this email contain a version of OneSignal

Google has recently started informing Google Play developers with emails about privacy related issues when their app doesn’t have a privacy policy in certain situations. It’s what appears to be increased scrutiny on implemented SDKs that collect personal data. Here’s what these emails read like (with the focus on an app using the OneSignal SDK, an […]

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Privacy policy for Firebase (its required elements and other news)

Firebase/Google has recently relaunched a lot of its services and also added new services to the mix. We had previously integrated Firebase and Firebase hosting and will now update the old services accordingly, as well as add new services where appropriate. Just some of the features of new Firebase are described below:  Analytics – see user […]

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Privacy policy url in iTunes Connect post iOS 9/for iOS 10

We have post called Privacy Policies for iOS Apps that goes into depth about how to provide your privacy policy on the App Store and in iTunes Connect. This post sees frequent updates, whenever iOS changes, so it’s always up to date for our readers. Post WWDC 2016 something remarkable happened, which is why here’s […]

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Privacy policy in India (websites, apps)

Earlier today we’ve posted to Quora in order to answer a question regarding “privacy policies for a startup website in India”. Since we haven’t written about this topic on this blog before, I thought we could also cross-post and reiterate on privacy policies and India here. Where do I find rules regarding privacy policies in […]

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We’ve integrated Hotjar into iubenda

We’ve recently added another bunch of third party applications into iubenda: Hotjar, Cuebiq AudienceQ and a service that outlines the use of a UUID – User identification via a universally unique identifier for mobile applications. While the UUID is a relatively straight forward description of how the UUID works, we’ve split up Hotjar into 4 different […]

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Amazon Affiliate Program – required privacy policy additions

Users of a Amazon Affiliate program are currently receiving emails informing them of a new requirement regarding privacy policies. This change comes after Amazon has updated their terms outlining that the following must be added to the privacy policy: [Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising […]

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Iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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