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Privacy Policy for Game Sites

We have our first third party integration with a provider of HTML5 games. GamePix is a marketplace and provider of html5 games on the web. Since yesterday there’s a post on the GamePix blog outlining why it may be a good idea for a games site to provide a privacy policy for their users and for AdSense, for example. […]

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Black Friday Sale: 50% OFF

With this year’s black Friday we figured we’d direct the attention to our various languages. To celebrate we are also giving a 50% off for less than 3 days to snag one of the 4 languages: German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese. The reasoning is that we’d like to give you an opportunity to add another language to […]

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WatchKit Privacy Policy – Early Thoughts

With WatchKit’s release two days ago and the corresponding possibilities in Apple’s watch ecosystem it’s time to take a first look at what’s been said and done in the privacy related fields so far. What should we reasonably expect to happen in the WatchKit privacy field? We had previously published a couple of posts regarding the changes that […]

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About App Store Rejection: “Metadata Rejected”

Your app is getting rejected after having submitted it potentially weeks earlier and being very hopeful. What happened?  The most annoying reason you can get is “Metadata Rejected” and you’re being sent to the Resolution Center. It’s annoying because it hasn’t got anything to do with the app itself and because it could be so […]

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Apple Developer Blog: Including a Privacy Policy in Your Apps

Here’s an interesting piece of Apple news. Ok maybe it’s not as interesting as it’s informative. Apple decided to post information about “including a privacy policy in your apps“. The blog entry has more or less the same content that we’ve earlier posted in “iOS 8 Starts Today, so Do New Privacy Requirements“. Nonetheless, it’s […]

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Google Analytics User ID in Your Privacy Policy

Google Analytics and Google are pushing its new standard hard. Soon all accounts will be required to use Universal Analytics instead of the older implementation technologies. With Universal Analytics its users also get some new technology and tracking features. Its most well publicized and advertised feature is the User ID which allows to “Connect multiple devices, sessions, […]

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Iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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