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ODR: New requirement for e-commerce in the EU

This is a quick heads up regarding a new piece of information that should be added to online e-commerce sites/applications: a link to an online dispute resolution platform run by the European Commission. Since early 2016: If you operate an e-commerce selling goods or services in the EU to EU customers, you need to add […]

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99Designs Small Business Starter Kit and online compliance

99designs just published a collection of posts full of knowledge and discounts for a selection of very useful services. We’re happy to let you know that iubenda, too, is part of the Small Business Starter Kit. Iubenda was chosen by 99designs to help them cover basic compliance online and because 99designs wanted their users to […]

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International data transfers & Safe Harbour, an overview

SafeHarbour, PrivacyShield, what is everyone talking about? Update: we’re adding new information to the bottom of the post. If you are reading the news at the moment you might have stumbled upon a lot of coverage about Safe Harbour (or Safe Harbor), Privacy Shield and the talk of data transfers from outside of the EU, namely […]

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Consent from Users and Developers to Data Processing and Transfer: Twitter Fabric, Crashlytics

Update: we’ve published a post that covers the basics of the development in EU-US data transfer negotiations  We’re very close to something that promises to bring some massive changes with it: we were promised some guidelines and further thoughts on how to handle data processing from outside of Europe, and most importantly, from Europe to […]

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Privacy policy for Facebook Lead Ads

Just like Twitter requires a privacy policy for Twitter Lead Generation Cards, Facebook requires a privacy policy for users of their product Facebook Lead ads. Reading below, you will learn what some of the involved complications are when it comes to data protection and the privacy policy. 1. About Lead ads and the privacy policy 2. Europeans […]

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Regarding Smart-TV apps and privacy policies (Germany)

Since the launch of Apple’s tvOS there’s been a natural increase of interest in the Smart TV ecosystem be it by consumers or developers. There’s another part of the ecosystem that has a very natural tendency of scrutinizing these developments: national data protection authorities.  We’ve read one such an overview and guide for Smart-TV services by […]

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