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What is the GDPR and how will it affect your business

GDPR: The term has been going around for some time now in the business space and more recently with an increased sense of urgency. But, what is it really? And more importantly, why should you care? What exactly is the GDPR The acronym GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and at […]

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Google’s latest GDPR preparations and what they mean for you

  Google has started implementing major policy, contractual, and product changes in preparation for the soon-to-be-enforceable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The changes largely reflect Google’s status as either data controller or processor in regards to their products; sets out your responsibilities in light of the new legal requirements and includes product and network modifications. […]

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Google introduces Safe Browsing warning when user data is collected without consent

Google announced something new with a significant effect on app owners. Around February 1st (2018), Google Safe Browsing will show warnings on apps and on websites leading to apps that collect a user’s personal data without their consent. That means that soon Google will warn about any app that doesn’t have a privacy policy and […]

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How to re-enable MailChimp double opt-in

Update 30.10.17: MailChimp surprises with a blog post that partially rolls back their plans described below. EU-users are still going to retain the double opt-in default, if they have the data on that user being located in the EU. That doesn’t change the general observations below, however, it reinforces their importance. There’s an important change […]

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Apple adds new categories of apps under “privacy policy requirement” for iOS 11

With the official release of iOS 11, Apple has released an update to its App Store Review Guidelines for developers in which they outline the rules for apps so they can be published to the App Store.  In section 5 which covers privacy you’ll now find an updated section that covers the new category of […]

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Google Play’s Prominent Disclosure Requirements

If you’re an Android developer who publishes their apps to the Google Play Store, you might have been warned by Google with the following email subject: “Action required – Potential Google Play Policy Violation: 30-day warning” and asked to take steps to fix the violation. This post may also be read in German “Googles “Erfordernis der […]

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