The competence of a legal team,
the convenience of a few clicks

iubenda's privacy policy generator in 3 simple steps

  1. Add the name of your site/app/Facebook app

  2. Add the services you are using/the type of data you are collecting

  3. Link or embed. Done.

Remote Policy Hosting

iubenda hosts your privacy policy on our servers for you

This is where our real power unfolds: the privacy policy is hosted on iubenda's servers. This means YOU can update your policies from our dashboard at any time. It also means that WE can automatically update the legal text when the law changes. Like this your privacy policy stays relevant and you don't have to periodically call your lawyer to do this for you.

You can link to the privacy policy from anywhere on your site (typically from the footer). Clicking the link will open a modal window, the user will therefore never really leave your page. Additionally, the policy can also be completely embedded into your site, integrating it seamlessly with your design.

Attorney-level policies at a price that only software can provide

Our privacy policies are written and maintained by lawyers

Our privacy policies are generated automatically, but each word is written and thereafter continuously revised by our legal team. We do our utmost to keep the privacy policies up to date, constantly reviewing and solving all the legal complexities that arise.

You can count on the experience of a top legal team without hiring one, that doesn't do anything else but solve your problems with legal docs online.

Multiple Languages

Easily add additional languages to an existing policy

Our policies are modular and can be switched to other languages. You could for example use a German Datenschutzerklärung for your German blog and an English privacy policy for your more international portfolio site. Or you could just add various languages to your international e-commerce site to properly inform your users about your privacy practices.

iubenda is currently available in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Clauses and Customization

Customize your policy in addition to a collection of over 500 clauses

We don't make you write, or earn a law degree first. You can click your way to the end of a usable privacy policy within a few minutes. However, if you need custom additions that are exclusive to your situation you can simply add a custom policy chapter to your privacy policy which makes both you and us infinitely flexible.

The most frequently used clauses include Google Analytics, the Facebook Like button, access to the Facebook platform, a contact form, Twitter tweet button, mailing lists or direct registration (for a web app for example).

Simple and powerful cookie policy integration

With a simple click iubenda generates the text and embedding code for a cookie banner and layered cookie policy

European cookie related regulations (or the localised versions of the European «Cookie directive») require the formulation and presentation of a cookie notice to the user if the site makes use of cookies. With iubenda the generation of a cookie policy and brief notice (usually called cookie banner) is as easy as copy & pasting our personalized code to your site.
Read more about the cookie banner and cookie policy.

Iubenda handles third party script blocking and user consent management out of the box

Article 5.3 of Directive 2002/58/EC, as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC has stated a requirement for informed consent before information is stored or accessed in the user’s device. In other words before storing cookies and the user's consent, they need to be blocked and prevented from running. The iubenda Cookie Solution handles all blocking activity and remembers user consent so that the user only sees the banner once.
Read more about the blocking of scripts and user consent management.

Two Designs with a Purpose

The privacy policy comes with a simplified and extended view

Your privacy policy has two views. The first view is a convenient summary for your users. Whoever is interested in the personal data you collect may conveniently scan the graphical arrangements with some basic explanatory text in a simplified policy. For everyone else there is the full-blown extended version of the privacy policy that is following some of the strictest privacy regulations out there, required by EU laws.

Whenever you feel like you don't want people to ever notice you are using iubenda for you privacy compliance needs, you may embed the policy into your website and change it via CSS styling to completely fit in with your own design.

We are designers

iubenda is run by designers and developers like you

All we constantly think about is how we can make this service simple to use, beautiful and usable for web developers and designers like ourselves. We couldn't believe how hard it was to easily create a simple, legally compliant privacy policy for a basic portfolio site, or a fully blown application for that matter.

That is why we set out to change that and provide a solution that would make two parties happy: the web workers who need a regulation compliant privacy policy as well as everyone else who might go visit their site whatever its purpose.

You Save Time

You sign up, add your clauses and the policy to your site

We automated what lawyers already do and packaged it into a product: our legal team works on the professional-level policy text, so you are ready to use those clauses within minutes on your own site. First you pick the clauses you need, iubenda then makes it a professional and highly usable privacy policy ready for you to be used and embedded on your own site.

Whenever you need to change something in your policy, you can conveniently do so from iubenda's dashboard.

Flexible Embedding Options

Various ways of including the privacy policy link

We've made this simple. When you link to your privacy policy from your site it will show a iubenda button that can be generated to be black or white. It will show your privacy policy within a modal window hosted by iubenda. If you'd like to be more flexible you can use a non-branded simple link to your privacy policy with a more sophisticated PRO subscription, or even embed it into your site and make it look like your own content.

Pricing Model

Attorney-level policies at a price that only software can provide

iubenda's privacy policy is generated for you by our software, but it has been crafted and written by lawyers. The privacy policy generator provides you with a vast and growing selection of 130+ pre-written clauses which (example: Google Analytics or Contact Form) are then compiled into your final policy document. If you need to insert your own custom clause you can easily do so from our dashboard.

Automation is our approach to make a 27$/19€ pricing per year and policy possible for everyone. All entry-level privacy policies covering the most popular use cases are free to use. Now compare that to the time-consuming process and the hundreds of Dollars one-off payment to a lawyer.


iubenda for Facebook

iubenda generates a privacy policy for your Facebook application

iubenda automatically detects the permissions your Facebook application makes use of and pre-configures your privacy policy. Facebook requires privacy policies for each of their apps making this a no brainer.

In short: iubenda is the easiest and quickest way to generate a privacy policy for your Facebook app.


Screen & OS Independent

iubenda is optimized for any screen size

iubenda is truly plug-and-play. No need to adjust to screen sizes, no need to adjust to other OSes. Generate, embed, done. You can embed our privacy policy into any mobile device because our privacy policy is designed with with a responsive mindset.

App Stores

Compliance across app stores

Our privacy policies help you become app store compliant in no time. The various app Stores like Apple's App Store and Google Play handle the inclusion of privacy policies slightly differently, but that doesn't really concern you. You can conveniently use iubenda across app stores & across OSes.

Generate a privacy policy, right now!

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Generate policies in English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Dutch and Italian. More coming soon.


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