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Cookie consent management for the ePrivacy and GDPR

for GDPR
IAB registered Consent Management Provider
Supports Google's Ads personalization Management

Easily generate a fully customizable cookie banner, seamlessly collect consent and implement prior blocking with asynchronous re-activation.

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It's a requirement

If your website can be visited by European users

If your website installs any non-technical cookies, e.g. via script like Google Analytics or via a Facebook share button

The EU cookie law requires you to

Provide a compliant cookie policy

Display a cookie banner at the user's first visit

Block non-exempt cookies (e.g. via Google Analytics, Adsense etc.) before obtaining user consent

Release cookies only after informed consent has been provided (prior consent)

"Is the US covered?"

The US is one of the countries our legal team monitors most closely. Our legal text is modeled after the strictest privacy requirements found in the world like the US's CCPA & CalOPPA, the GDPR and ePrivacy. We also regularly monitor all major global legislations to ensure that our solutions continue to meet necessary requirements.

More info

Download a full guide to the Cookie Law, made by IAB, Netcomm and others in collaboration with iubenda.

How to manage cookie consent

1. Customize and embed your cookie notice

Our cookie management solution gives you full control over the look of your cookie banner. You can modify color, dimensions, content, location, add additional elements such as buttons or checkboxes and even modify the cookie banner's behavior.

2. Generate a cookie policy or provide your own

The Cookie Solution automatically integrates with your Privacy and Cookie Policies across your website/app, helping you to comply with the GDPR and Cookie Law.

Cookie Solution for the CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) places new requirements for processing personally identifiable information, and grants Consumers additional rights. Our solution helps you to meet the CCPA requirement of informing Californian users of any selling activity upon site visit and also allows these users to opt-out (as legally required).

Notify consumers and manage opt-out as required by the CCPA

Notify consumers

The CCPA requires you to display a notice at or before the point of collection which informs consumers of which categories of personal information will be collected and the purposes for the collection.

Manage opt-out

Consumers must also be allowed to opt-out of the sale of their personal information via a "Do not Sell" link. As a business you are therefore also responsible for informing consumers of this option and providing the actual means for opt-out.

Our solution lets you:

  • Display a CCPA notice of collection
  • Display a "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" (DNSMPI) link in the notice and elsewhere on your site/app thereby supporting opt-out from sale
  • Automatically detect and apply the correct standards (including multiple standards) based on location. Our solution allows you to apply both CCPA and GDPR standards to the same users when legally required
  • Easily register and automatically pass user preferences like opt-out, to ad vendors who support the IAB US Privacy Framework (like Google and AdRoll)

Features and benefits

Visual configurator

Easily edit the text of our GDPR-ready cookie consent banner, adapt it to the look of your site and even modify its behavior (e.g. choose whether or not to disable consent via scrolling or page interaction). Our user-friendly configurator also allows you access to advanced customization options.

Block cookies prior to consent

Easily block all scripts that install cookies prior to consent (as required by legislations like the ePrivacy and GDPR) and re-activate smoothly and asynchronously after consent is collected – no page refresh needed. You can automate cookie blocking with our CMS plugins for WordPress, Magento, Joomla! and PrestaShop, or you can use our webserver module for Apache, nginx and IIS.

Fast and reliable, comes with detailed analytics

Our cookie management solution runs on billions of pageviews per month. It's fast, light and effective, and can be configured for even more speed. It comes with comprehensive consent analytics, so that you can monitor and optimize your consent collection performance, and it runs on Akamai, the best and most reliable CDN you can find.

SDK for mobile

Comply with ePrivacy and GDPR requirements within your app. Our mobile SDK is available as a native component for both iOS and Android, and is fully customizable, allowing you to match the look and style of your app.

GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA compliance tailored for publishers

As a registered CMP, we've integrated IAB Europe's industry-standard TCF and US Privacy Framework with our Cookie Solution to help publishers comply with the law while meeting industry requirements and maximizing ad revenue.

  • Fully customize the look and behavior of the cookie banner via CSS or through the wizard
  • Cookie consent plugins for WordPress, Joomla!, PrestaShop and Magento. PHP class also available
  • GDPR-Ready
  • Webserver module (Apache, nginx, IIS) to automate prior blocking
  • High-speed cookie management solution — hosted on Akamai
  • Running on billions of pageviews per month
  • Consent analytics
  • Optimized for mobile and touch devices
  • Integrated with the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (iubenda is a registered CMP)
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  • Compatible with Google's ad personalization management
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  • Supports optional consent via scrolling to maximize consent collection
  • Mobile SDK available upon request
  • CCPA ready

Consent management for publishers

We help you meet both compliance and advertising industry requirements while delivering the best possible ad revenue performance by ensuring that reach via personalized advertising is maximized.

Support for:

IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF)

Google's Ads personalization Management

  • One click activation
  • IAB registered Consent Management Provider (CMP ID: 123) and member of the IAB Tech Lab
  • GDPR and ePrivacy compliance tailored for publishers
  • Comply with the IAB and Google requirements to maximize your ad serving and optimize your inventory
  • Provide granular choices to users: per-purpose and per-vendor
  • High performance: Designed to make consent available to vendors within milliseconds, for no-delay ad serving
  • Constantly tweaked with the collaboration of the most reputed advertising vendors in the industry
  • Adopted by some of the largest publishers, processing billions of consents per month
  • Control whether to share consent with other publishers or keep it only on your local domain
  • Customize your GDPR compliance approach: directly block vendor scripts' execution or rely on consent status sharing
  • Control when to invalidate the vendor list, to minimize new consent requests in case of updates

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Are cookies governed by the GDPR?

Cookie usage and it’s related consent acquisition are not governed by the GDPR, they are instead governed by the ePrivacy Directive (Cookie Law) which in future will be repealed by the up-coming ePrivacy Regulation. Cookie law requires users’ informed, active consent before storing cookies on a user’s device and/or tracking them. To learn more, please click the link below.

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Does the Cookie Solution let users set advertising preferences?

Yes, the Cookie Solution is compatible with the IAB Europe GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework as iubenda operates as the Consent Management Provider. This feature allows users to toggle advertising preferences for all the advertisers on the IAB's extensive global vendor list. If you display ads on your website, it's highly recommended that you enable this feature as failing to do so can negatively affect your advertising revenue. To learn more, please click the link below.

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Part of a 360° compliance solution

A complete set of solutions to make your website or app compliant with the law, across multiple languages and legislations

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Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Create your privacy and cookie policy in minutes.

Customizable from 700+ clauses, available in 8 languages and automatically updated if the law changes, our generator allows you to create a legal document in minutes and seamlessly integrate it with your website or app.

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Cookie Solution

Manage consent preferences for the ePrivacy, GDPR, and CCPA. Integrated with the IAB TCF and US Privacy Framework.

Our solution allows you to display a fully customizable cookie banner, collect cookie consent, implement prior blocking, set advertising preferences, collect explicit consent to Google personalized ads and more.

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Terms and Conditions Generator

Create your terms and conditions in minutes.

Customizable from hundreds of combinations, available in 8 languages, powerful and precise — our solution is capable of handling even the most complex, individual scenarios. Optimized for e-commerce, marketplace, SaaS, apps and more.


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Consent Solution

Collect GDPR consent, document opt-ins and CCPA opt-outs via your web forms.

Our solution smoothly integrates with your consent collection forms, syncs with your legal documents and includes a user-friendly dashboard for reviewing consent records of your activities.

For websites/apps
For organizations

Internal Privacy Management

Document all the data processing activity within your organization.

To comply with privacy laws, and particularly the GDPR, companies need to record how they store and use the data they collect from their users. Our solution allows you to easily document all the data processing activities within your organization.



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