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Your app needs a privacy policy.
Why? Here are the 6 reasons.

  1. You are collecting personal data

    Even the display of ads or the use of analytics means you're collecting personal data the user should know about.

  2. You use third-party services

    Services like Google Analytics or AdSense require you to have a privacy policy stating the use of their service.

  3. Regulations require
    privacy policies

    Every major country and state, from the European Union to California, has laws requiring the use of a privacy policy.

  4. App stores require privacy policies

    Even if privacy policy fields might be optional, you are running the risk of being rejected after the app submission process.

  5. You are risking fines and lawsuits

    It most famously happened to Path/Delta, but smaller cases are out there more frequently than you might expect.

  6. You are risking user outrage

    Users want you to play fair. Collecting and using users' private data without their knowledge is an unprofessional practice.

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The Known Cases


Path collected and stored personal data upon opening the app and made false claims in its privacy policy. The case was settled with a $800,000 civil penalty.

Delta got sued by the Attorney General of California for not including a privacy policy at all.

Our solution

It's a 3-step process: add your app name,
select your type of data collection, embed, run.

This is where our real power unfolds: the privacy policy is hosted on our servers
to be updated anytime you need and we are keeping it legally up to date.

No lawyer-type fees, lawyer crafted up to date copy.
Hosted by us, remotely updated by you anytime.
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    Power of a legal team

    Our privacy policies have been designed by web people, but written by lawyers.

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    500+ clauses

    Our list of services is massive. Anything we don't have, we'll add it upon request.

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    Quick setup

    It's a 3-step process: add your app name,
    select your type of data collection, embed, run.

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    We are designers

    All we constantly think about is, how can we make this simple, beautiful and usable.

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    Multiple languages

    Our policies are modular and can be switched to other languages (we're adding new ones as we speak).

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    Remote updates

    Update from our service anytime, no need to fiddle in the app stores, no need to update across OSes.

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