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Brazilian privacy policy launch

Today we are launching a localization in Brazilian Portuguese. 

Until this day our privacy policy framework could be generated in 5 languages: English, Italian, German, French and Spanish. Today we’re adding an often requested 6th language on top of this: Brazilian Portuguese

How can you use our languages?

Iubenda’s languages can be used individually (French, English, Italian, Portuguese…), or they can be combined if your site runs in more than one language (English & Brazilian Portuguese). In that case you start your privacy policy – let’s say in Brazilian – and then you add a second language on top. The generator will automatically take all of the work you’ve done with your first policy and duplicate it into the second language (here in this example it’s English).

How do you generate your Brazilian privacy policy?

Note about Brazilian: Since Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are rather far apart, this localization means it will be understood and correct only by Brazilian ears and grammar standards.

Note about iubenda: iubenda is based on European data protection laws (which are known for their strict rules). Here and there we’ve added in additional clauses for you to choose from. Among them there’s some wording for the US COPPA for example (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). Iubenda’s privacy policy generator is meant to help you out a great deal on the way to privacy compliance both on the web and mobile apps.

If you are new to iubenda you can generate your Brazilian Portuguese privacy policy for your website, Facebook application or mobile application via our website. Sign up for an account, log in and then in your dashboard find a green button saying “generate privacy policy”. Follow the simple instructions to get you all set up.


How do you add a política de privacidade to an existing privacy policy?

add Brazilian Portuguese

If you already have a site with a privacy policy in another language: log in to your account, select the site you would like to add a Portuguese privacy policy to and then choose “Add language” in the sidebar of your dashboard. This will guide you through the end of your process.

Launch discount

To introduce the Brazilian localization of our privacy policy framework we’re giving off 50% for 48 hours after the publication of this post. 

Blogger discount

If you are a tech blogger who wants to take the product for a spin, you can use it for free for one year. We’re happy to talk about this at info@iubenda.com

Affiliate possibility

If you have any friends that may be able to get some use out of iubenda, send them a personalized link (or share the link on your social networks). To do that simply follow this process:

You’ll find a link in your dashboard’s “Love and Rewards” tab. Share it and profit.


By visiting your sharing page you will find a couple of pre-crafted sharing possibilities. Instead of these options you can also simply copy paste the provided link and share it with whoever you like.


If you need more details about this, you’ll be able to find out more in a recent post “How to make money by referring iubenda“.

Generate a Brazilian Portuguese Política de Privacidade

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