We are releasing a large rewrite of our cookie solution which is almost entirely focused on speed and reliability. safemode_blog_en

In our tests, this version has been up to 40% faster than the current version, particularly when reactivating all priorly blocked scripts. **This release – called Safemode – is not yet the default**, but you can activate it right now by making a small change to your embedding code.

What the changes mean in short:
Safemode is the new version of the iubenda cookie solution that will gradually replace the one in use currently. Safemode introduces drastic performance improvements for the iubenda cookie solution:

  • Up to 40% Faster – Reduces time to banner appearance and scripts reactivation
  • Inline activator – With the inline activator – or the part of code that deals with activation of the script – a script can also be activated in the event that the main resource iubenda_cs.js is found to be generally unavailable or resulting in error
  • No more compatibility issues – Safemode doesn’t depend on external libraries (jQuery and Zepto) with the result that we’ve eliminated compatibility issues with particular version of these libraries

Check our guide to learn all about the Safemode and how to activate it →

We now have 4 different release CHANNELS

In order to streamline the release process and adapt to your needs, we decided to introduce the following new release channels:

  • CURRENT is the default channel for everyone, the one that all sites are using right now
  • BETA will receive the latest updates, before they’re properly tested on a large scale
  • STABLE is the opposite of beta and will only receive updates 2 weeks after the update has been announced in a specific newsletter (which you can find here)
  • SAFEMODE is a release channel created for allowing you to test our new cookie solution release

All our release channels have a full changelog.

For example, you may want to checkout our latest additions to the beta channel, including an improved timing of our consent by scroll feature.

Read our guide on how to switch to a new release channel →

Reminder: what can the iubenda cookie solution do for you?

  • Generate a cookie policy autonomously in a few seconds
  • Display a customizable cookie banner on your website, as required for example by Google’s EU user consent policy in order to alert your users about the cookies you’re using (e.g. the Google AdSense cookies)
  • Block your the scripts that create cookies before collecting your users’ consent, in case that prior consent applies
  • Detect and store your users’ consent, even with a simple scroll action
  • Reactivate these scripts, even at scroll, asynchronously and without page refresh

Read about the cookie solution

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