What is CCPA & how do you become compliant?

The upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has been getting a lot of buzz lately and with good reason! The new law is particularly important as it applies to almost every website/app which could have users connecting from California, United States. The CCPA will come into effect on January 1st, 2020.

We have prepared both a detailed guide and an extensive webinar for you, to make sure that you are ready for this important new legislation well ahead of time.

Read all about the upcoming CCPA here →

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Explicit reject button in the Cookie Solution

We’ve added the option for an explicit reject button to your Cookie Solution! Once enabled, this feature will allow your users to refuse giving consent to cookies by clicking on the reject button instead of on the standard close icon. This option is particularly relevant to our users who operate in the UK as the ICO now requires that a Reject button be displayed. As with most other elements in the Cookie Solution, the color and text of the button are fully customizable.

The reject button is currently only available on both the current and beta channels of the Cookie Solution.

Learn more about how to enable this feature here →

Country detection sneak peek

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Country detection will soon be available in the Cookie Solution. This feature will make it easier than ever for you to automate which users you display the cookie banner to, based on their country. As with all of our business-optimized solutions, we make every effort to prioritize your site performance. We, therefore, waited until it was possible to implement this feature in a way that does not negatively affect the speed and performance of the solution and your site.

We’re happy to say that our new country detection feature is implemented at the CDN routing level by Akamai – adding 0 load time!

This feature isn’t live yet, but will be soon available to beta testers. If you’d like to be a beta tester for this feature, please email us at info@iubenda.com

Reserve your spot by clicking the links below.

Tuesday, October 29th
Privacy Policies and Cookies: How to set your website/app up for success →
Everything you need to know about privacy policies and cookies from legal basics to set-up.

Wednesday, October 30th
Our Terms and Conditions Generator – Protect your business from potential liabilities →
Designed to cover everything about our new solution.

Thursday, October 31st
Compliance for your website/app: Manage user consents and internal data processing for GDPR →
Everything you need to know about getting consent from your users and managing privacy for your company.

Other updates, improvements, and announcements

We’re always updating and improving our solutions for you, our loyal users. Here’s a quick look at some of our other updates, important features, and announcements.

  • Mobile SDK for the Cookie Solution available (fully customizable and available as a native component for both IOS and Android). Email us at info@iubenda.com to access all files and instructions needed for implementation.
  • The Cookie Solution’s API can now be called from within an iframe via postMessage.
  • The Cookie Solution now falls back to English if the requested language falls outside of our 8 supported languages.
  • iubenda has successfully concluded IAB’s Validator compliance program, and is among the few CMPs officially validated by IAB! Read more about what this means for you here.

New privacy policy integrations and updates

We have also integrated/updated the following services which are now available to our users from within the generator.

Services/clauses updated:

  • (FB Permission) data types added to “Facebook Account Access”

Services/clauses added:

  • Smarter Click Email Engagement
  • TagCommander
  • MixCommander
  • Tealium IQ Tag Management
  • Mapp Aquire (DMP)

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