Today we would like to communicate an important change in our pricing structure. So far we only had this very simple option:

  • Free basic policy with some restrictions
  • Paid policy that unlocked all of the otherwise restricted options for 27$ a year.


We have now created monthly subscriptions and are adding them into the mix (we have been running them for some time successfully, which is why newer users will not be surprised by this announcement). They have become a very popular choice for new sign-ups:

Monthly plans include 5 or more licenses. There are a number of reasons why anyone would want to have more than one license. Either you have the need for various privacy policies for multiple sites, or you would like to add another language to your existing privacy policy. You may even find that you need another license for a mobile or a Facebook application.

The new pricing options are now rolled out and visible across the site and you can visit them at the URI below to get a general overview:


Monthly pricing structure:

There are various packages available. The first monthly plan has 5 licenses for the price of 4 single licenses (-20%).  The more licenses you need. the cheaper they get for you. If you find you have a different use case altogether, you can always place an inquiry with us at

What are monthly plans for?

Monthly plans are mainly a pricing option that help you save. When you use more than one license (possibly with languages or multiple sites) you can use our monthly plans and save real money.

Monthly plans are also ideal for web apps and agencies that need more than a few licenses to produce client work or policies for each user.

What are some other changes that are connected with this?

There are some changes that will only apply to new users: from now on every account will hold one free policy with the usual restrictions. Your first privacy policy with the most important policies is still free, any additional license you may need is still priced at 27$ as before.

If you were a user before this changes you will remember that you’ve had more free policies at your disposal. This change is therefore not going to affect you.

Do I have to give back some of my free policies?

If you had signed up prior to these changes, you will still have more than one free policy connected with your account. This does not change for you.

Can I switch between pay-as-you-go and monthly payments whenever I want?

Yes. Switch in between our options anytime as your needs change.

If I already own pay-as-you-go licenses, do I have a bonus when moving to monthly charge?

You will be credited the unused amount of your payment towards your new monthly payment plan.

Example: You have used 6 months on your 27$/year policy and then move to a monthly plan. This means you have 13.50$ credited towards your new payment option.

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