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iubenda’s TCF validation and updates to your Cookie Solution

🖋 This article has recently been posted/updated: October

If you use the Cookie Solution with the Transparency and Consent Framework feature enabled, then the following information is relevant to you.

We’re happy to announce that iubenda has successfully concluded IAB’s Validator compliance program, and is among the few CMPs officially validated by IAB!

As part of the validation process, we’ve applied some improvements to adhere more strictly to IAB’s TCF policy:

  • we’ve modified the cookie notice text to show additional information made mandatory by the Transparency and Consent Framework*; and
  • pressing the ‘x’ in the second modal layer – the one with the cookie policy – takes the user back to the cookie notice instead of providing consent.

*Please note that, while we’ve tried to make the text as short as possible, the TCF wording requirements are significant. See new updated banner text below.

Do I need to do anything to integrate these updates on my site?

If you’re using the default notice text then both changes will be automatically pushed to your site (according to the release schedule below), however, if your banner contains custom text, you’ll either need to go to your dashboard and switch to the default wording in order to receive the updated text, or manually adapt your text to match our updated version.

Additionally, please take note of IAB’s minimum configuration requirements below.

If you don’t already have your banner set up in this way, you will need to update your banner settings to meet IAB requirements. Please keep in mind that it’s important for you to comply with IAB’s requirements as failure to adhere to framework guidelines can have a negative impact on your ad revenue.

The minimal configuration requirements you’ll need for adherence to the framework are to:

You can make these modifications by simply updating settings directly within the Cookie Solution configurator in your dashboard.

Release schedule by channel
The time at which you’ll receive these updates will depend on which Cookie Solution channel you’re currently using.

The update was made available on the Beta channel on October 16th – this means that if you’re currently on the Beta channel, you will have received the updates automatically at that time. Estimated release dates for the Current and Stable channels are as follows: updates on Current channel to be released 1 week after Beta release on October 23rd; and Stable channel updates to be released 1 month after Current release (November 20th) – as per the standard timeline of Cookie Solution Releases.

You will be sent an email reminder before the other releases go live.

If you’ve made modifications to your Cookie Solution settings or if you’re switching from one channel to the other, you’ll need to update the Cookie Solution code snippet on your site accordingly.

Please email us or reach out to us via chat if you need any further assistance or clarification.

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