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CCPA launch, Consent Solution Plug-in, webinars + more

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We’re pleased to announce that the first of our CCPA Solutions is now available within your iubenda dashboard.
What is the CCPA? Hailed as “California’s GDPR”, the California Consumer Online Privacy Act is California’s newest privacy law aimed at enhancing consumer privacy rights for residents of California, United States, and it goes into effect on January 1st 2020.

The CCPA places several new requirements on businesses, including serving California-based consumers with a notice of collection at first site visit; facilitating their right to opt-out via a “Do not sell” link; and, informing relevant third-parties to stop processing the consumer’s data when an opt-out request is received.

Our solution makes this easy by allowing you to:

  • Display a CCPA notice of collection;
  • Display a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” (DNSMPI) link in the notice and anywhere else on your site – thereby supporting opt out from sale;
  • Automatically detect and apply the correct standards (including multiple standards) based on location The Solution lets you to apply both CCPA and GDPR standards to the same users when legally required.
  • Support the US Privacy Framework by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) which establishes a process for publishers and their partners to comply with new regulations regarding the sale of consumer data to technology companies.

This feature is currently available from within your Cookie Solution configurator. Learn more about how to enable it here →

Our webinars

We have prepared the following webinars for you that cater to users of all levels — whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

At our webinars, you can ask our experts live and learn from others facing similar challenges on the route to becoming compliant. We also provide all attendees with useful resources after each webinar, so if you haven’t already, come experience it for yourself!

Reserve your spot by clicking the links below.

Thursday, January 9th
What is CCPA and how do you become compliant? →
Designed to cover everything essential about the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act.

Tuesday, January 14th
Privacy Policies and Cookies: How to set your website/app up for success →
Everything you need to know about privacy policies and cookies from legal basics to set-up.

Thursday, January 16th
Our Terms and Conditions Generator – Protect your business from potential liabilities →
Designed to cover everything about our new Terms and Conditions Generator.

Thursday, January 23rd
Compliance for your website/app: Manage user consents and internal data processing for GDPR →
Everything you need to know about getting consent from your users and managing privacy for your company.

Other updates, improvements, and announcements

We’re always updating and improving our solutions for you, our loyal users. Here’s a quick look at some of our other updates, important features, and announcements.

  • Radar results now viewable from within the services section of the privacy and cookie policy Generator. This makes it easier than ever for you to view and use your scan results as an additional guidance when adding services to your policy.
  • The Consent Solution’s WordPress is now out of beta! You can read more about how to install it here.
  • The Cookie Solution now allows you to preview the banner display on desktop, tablet desktop and mobile screens. Log into your dashboard to check it out.
  • Country detection options are now available within the visual configurator. This makes it easier than ever to automatically trigger consent requests only in regions where it’s legally required. See how to do this here.

New privacy policy integrations and updates

We have also integrated/updated the following services which are now available to our users from within the generator.

Services/clauses updated:

  • Gigya

Services/clauses added:

  • Salesforce Live Agent
  • Adobe Audience Manager

Releasing a big cookie solution update: Safemodeiubenda's First CCPA Solution launched in BetaLatest News: Highly requested Cookie Solution features live! Improvements for the Consent Solution, webinars + more

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