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News: More ways of integrating the privacy policy, and much more!

New options for integrating the privacy policy, opportunities reserved to our users, news for the future Directly integrate policy text and remove simplified page One of the most requested features since the very beginning has been to directly include the privacy policy text right into the page of your website, without any badge or external link. Finally this […]

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Privacy policy text renewed, iubenda for Facebook apps, 50+ new services

Privacy policy text renewed We completely renewed the legal text of the privacy policy, making it more precise, flexible and clear. In addition, we improved the simplified privacy policy, thanks to your feedback too. All the new privacy policies and those that will be modified starting from today will have the new text, while all […]

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The new iubenda opens to the world

We’ve been working on this day for months, the moment of truth has finally come. The new and completely renewed version of iubenda has finally come, open to the public. A special thanks goes to Jonno Riekwel and his team (Floris Veerlop, Nick Visser and Kevin Kalle) for having shared with us a common love […]

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Dissection of a viral launch

Many of you asked, so I decided to write this blog post, dissecting the launch of iubenda and the viral system we invented. The base graph To date we have 2700 waiting list subscribers and 1700 registered users. The product is still private, and only a couple hundred beta testers can use the product today. The […]

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A brand new version: sneak peek

Many of you are surely wondering what’s happening under the hood. This post will show some shots about what we are working on. What you’re about to see is just a preview, but the release is not far 😉 A new amazingly amazing iubenda: new design and new features We are working with Jonno Riekwel […]

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A new generation of Privacy Policies

What Privacy is about The problem with privacy policies today is that those boring documents are written by as boring lawyers, whose best parturition is a bunch of words no one reads. Lawyers don’t understand usability, lawyers don’t understand the web itself. How can they sit on the footer of almost every website in the […]

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iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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