What does Brexit mean GDPR compliance?

With all the changes set to occur as a result of the UK leaving the EU, you might be wondering how exactly how does GDPR compliance change in UK businesses after Brexit?

Immediately after the official Brexit date, a transition period of roughly 11 months begins. The UK’s ICO has stated that during this transition period, GDPR rules will still apply in the UK as normal.

Currently there is a degree of uncertainty regarding whether or not the GDPR will be included as a part of UK domestic law after the transition period. However, it’s likely that some form of the UK’s 2018 Data Protection Act will continue to apply.

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Thursday, February 13th
Privacy Policies and Cookies: How to set your website/app up for success →
Everything you need to know about privacy policies and cookies from legal basics to set-up.

Tuesday, February 18th
How to obtain an iubenda Online Compliance Implementation certification and unlock partner benefits →
Designed for web professionals who want to become iubenda Certified Partners.

Thursday, February 27th
Our Terms and Conditions Generator – Protect your business from potential liabilities →
Designed to cover everything about our new Terms and Conditions Generator.

Thursday, March 5th
Compliance for your website/app: Manage user consents and internal data processing for GDPR →
Everything you need to know about getting consent from your users and managing privacy for your company.

Free CCPA template

The CCPA requires the business and service provider to have a written contract containing certain provisions to make sure the central requirements of the law are honored. Since we want to help our users on as many fronts as possible, we’ve made a CCPA Service Provider Addendum template.

The template can be downloaded here →

Cookie Solution for AMP

Collecting cookie consent on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be a technical challenge. To meet this challenge we’ve made it possible to integrate the Cookie Solution with AMP which allows you to both display the legally required banner and block cookies before consent!

For full instructions on how to set up, read the tutorial here →

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New privacy policy integrations and updates

We have also integrated/updated the following services, which are now available to our users from within the generator.

Services/clauses updated:

  • Fabric answer
  • Google Optimize

Services/clauses added:

  • Facebook lead ads
  • Fabric Answers with Advertising ID
  • Gmail permissions to access User Data (OAuth addition)
  • Google Optimize 360
  • Crashlytics with User opt-in

TCF advertising services added:

  • Emerse
  • AdMaxim 
  • TripleLift
  • ADventori 
  • Verizon Media (EMEA) 
  • Venatus 
  • Exponential
  • AdSpirit 
  • BidTheatre
  • Etarget
  • ADITION technologies AG 
  • Roq.ad 
  • Vibrant Media 
  • Captify 
  • Sovrn
  • Index Exchange
  • ADARA 
  • Avocet
  • GroundTruth
  • Tradelab
  • Dataxu
  • MediaMath
  • Crimtan
  • RTB House
  • Scenestealer
  • Blis
  • N.Rich
  • Madison Logic 
  • Sirdata 
  • GroupM
  • JustPremium
  • <intent>
  • Chocolate Platform
  • Sharethrough 
  • PulsePoint 
  • Amobee 
  • Future 
  • LifeStreet  
  • Parsec 
  • uppr 
  • RevLifter 
  • Sizmek 
  • M32 Connect 
  • LemonPI 
  • GumGum 
  • Active Agent 
  • Tapad 
  • adsquare 
  • Smaato 
  • Yieldlab 
  • Fifty 
  • The Trade Desk 
  • Maytrics
  • LoopMe
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  • Eyeota
  • Adloox 
  • admetrics
  • Rich Audience 
  • Widespace 
  • Avid Media 
  • LiveRamp 
  • ConnectAd 
  • Nano Interactive 
  • ShowHeroes 
  • Confiant 
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  • YOC 
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  • MiQ 
  • ADman Media 
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  • Underdog Media
  • ID5
  • Reveal Mobile 
  • Adacado 
  • NextRoll
  • BidSwitch 
  • district m 
  • Bombora 
  • Yieldmo 
  • TreSensa 
  • Flashtalking 
  • Sift Media
  • Sublime
  • Adkernel
  • Thirdpresence 
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  • 33Across 
  • Platform161 
  • E-Planning 
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  • Media.net 
  • Delta Projects
  • advanced store 
  • vi 
  • Semasio 
  • Location Sciences 
  • Tapjoy 
  • iPromote
  • Centro 
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  • Publicis Media  
  • ORTEC | adscience 
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  • AntVoice  
  • DoubleVerify 
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  • adrule
  • A Million Ads 
  • remerge
  • Rockerbox
  • BounceX 
  • ZBO Media
  • Smartology 
  • OneTag 
  • LiquidM Technology 
  • ARMIS 
  • Audiens Customer Data Platform 
  • ZergNet 
  • Bucksense 
  • Bidtellect 
  • Adello 
  • RTK.IO 
  • Spotad 
  • AdTheorent 
  • Digitize 
  • Sonobi
  • Unruly
  • Spolecznosci 
  • Goodway Group
  • Netsprint 
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  • Genius Sports 
  • Onnetwork
  • Revcontent 
  • Nexstar Digital 
  • Golden Bees 
  • Spot.IM 
  • Triton Digital 
  • plista 
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  • Inskin Media 
  • Jaduda
  • Converge-Digital 
  • Smadex
  • Primis
  • AdClear 
  • Voluum DSP

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