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Cookie Solution: latest updates + TCF v2.0 Transition Timeline!

🖋 This article has recently been posted/updated: March

We’ve made some important changes to the Cookie Solution’s visual configurator to give you even more control over the look and functionality of your cookie banner and consent collection options.

Additionally, IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework is set to fully transition to version 2.0. Below we take a look at the transition and how it affects you.

Per Category Consent Options

Give your users more ways to consent. You can now activate Per-category consent from within the configurator! When this setting is turned on, your users are given the opportunity to either grant or reject consent for individual processing purposes.

Per-category consent - iubenda Cookie Solution

This gives your users granular control over what categories of cookies they consent to and gives you more opportunities to collect consent.

Read all about it here →

Enable Explicit Reject Button from within the Configurator

We’ve added the option to activate the explicit “Reject” button from directly within the configurator. The button is not enabled by default; however, when activated, it allows your users to refuse granting consent to cookies by clicking on the explicit reject button instead of on the standard close icon.

This option is particularly relevant to users who operate in the UK as the ICO now requires that a reject button be displayed.

Explicit Reject button - iubenda Cookie Solution

Learn more →

Cookie Solution for AMP

Collecting cookie consent on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be a technical challenge. To meet this challenge we’ve made it possible to integrate the Cookie Solution with AMP which allows you to both display the legally required banner, and block cookies before consent!

For full instructions on how to set up, read the tutorial here →

IAB TCF v2 Transition Timeline

The full transition to IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework version 2.0 is set to be completed (by IAB) over the next few months. This second iteration of the TCF includes increased functionality, across various aspects of the Framework, for both consumers & publishers.

The latest version of the IAB Framework will also mark a big win in terms of industry traction, as Google has announced that it will integrate TCF 2.0 by end of the first quarter this year.

➡ Will I need to make any major changes to my Cookie Solution installation in support of v2.0?
No, you’ll simply need to update a configuration parameter. We will, of course, send full instructions and be available to help when the changes take effect.

➡ As a registered CMP, what is iubenda’s expected timeframe for the transition?
We estimate that we’ll be tech-ready for v2.0 by the beginning of March, 2020.

View IAB’s TCF v2 Transition Timeline →

Recap – Other Cookie Solution Updates & Announcements

  • You can now translate or edit the text of any Cookie Solution component via the i18n JavaScript library. Full CodePen demo here.
  • You can now hide the closing “X” in your cookie banner from within the configurator.
  • Should you ever need to, here’s how you can block CCPA selling scripts using Google Tag Manager and the Cookie Solution.
  • Country detection is available from within the Configurator. Apply GDPR and CCPA standards automatically, based on regional location. More here.

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