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New Cookie Solution configurator allows for advanced visual styling and configuration

The configuration of the Cookie Solution and the creation and styling of the cookie banner has now become a lot simpler and more intuitive. We have received a lot of positive feedback, especially for the advanced styling features.

New Cookie Solution Configurator

All details can be found here →

New comprehensive use-case guides published

Our content team has been working hard on publishing new use-case guides and updating existing documentation. The most recent guides are the legal requirements overview which includes general requirements, region-specific requirements and situational legal requirements such as e-commerce and email/newsletters.

The email and newsletter guide has detailed information in regards to data collection, legal obligations when adding users to a mailing list, single opt-in versus double opt-in plus a lot more.

Our blogger’s guide dives into legal requirements specific to bloggers and how to comply.

Find the legal requirements guide here →
Find the email and newsletter guide here →
Take me directly to the blogger’s guide →

New data processing agreement

In order to ensure compliance with the GDPR, we’ve adapted iubenda’s T&Cs to the new legal framework. In particular, we’ve added a Data Processing Agreement pursuant to art. 28 of the GDPR that becomes a binding part of our contractual relationship with you. You can read the new T&C and DPA as well as some details about what’s changed here.
The DPA outlines iubenda’s duties concerning certain data processing practices. Acceptance of this change is a condition to continue using iubenda. It does, in any case, not affect the way you use iubenda.

GDPR templates free to download

We have also released some helpful templates for your convenience, based on the work we’ve done in the last couple of months surrounding GDPR:

New features released regularly for the Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management plan

A few months back we released our new Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management Plan to further help you with legal compliance, especially in regards to the GDPR. The plan includes both the Consent Solution, which allows you to easily track, store, manage and retrieve user consent, and the Internal Privacy Management Solution, which allows you to easily document all the data processing activity within your organization.
For everyone who has not tried the above solutions yet, it is still available at the great introductory bundle price $39/month for an unlimited number of websites or projects. We are releasing new features for both solutions on a monthly basis. One of the recent, most requested features released was the auto-sync feature for the Consent Solution.

Cookie Solution: enable advertising preference management

If your website runs ads the following announcement is very important to you. The new IAB Framework gives users a convenient way to manage preferences and is quickly becoming industry standard. If you’re a first-party publisher, we highly recommended that you enable this feature as some ad networks may limit access to their network if not implemented, potentially causing you to lose ad revenue.
Read more about the framework and how to enable it here →

Sorting in the dashboard and multiple processing locations

We have introduced more filters for the Privacy Policy generator including alphabetic and date of creation filtering. The filter state is saved in your user preference, so that you find the same settings when you go back the next time.
On the Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator, we now allow you to specify, for services that support it, the place of processing. You can even select multiple ones. For instance, if you use Amazon Web Services, you can now specify the region(s) when adding or editing the service.

New privacy policy integrations

We have also integrated the following services which are now available from within the generator for our users.
New services/clauses added:

  • Airbrake
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • AdKaora
  • Beta by Crashlytics
  • Crips Live Chat
  • Oracle BlueKai
  • Datadog
  • Elevio
  • Freshsales + Freshchat
  • Feedblitz
  • Facebook Messenger live chat plugin
  • Savings United
  • Storeden
  • Google Play Beta Testing
  • MainAd
  • MailChimp Landing Page
  • Seedtag
  • SMS Aruba
  • Siteground Hosting
  • Transactionale
  • iOL Advertising
  • FreeWheel
  • LinkedIn Conversion Pixel and Remarketing
  • Quantum
  • Viralize
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Tools from the Webtrekk Suite added
  • Tools from the Customerly Suite added
  • Updated Piwik clause to new Matomo
  • Updated Testflight
  • Updated HockeyApp
  • Updated Tag management systems purpose

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