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How to Customize the Look and Behavior of the Cookie Banner

You can easily modify the standard look and functionality of the iubenda cookie solution banner on your website — this includes the background colour, dimensions, content, position (the banner appears at the top of the page by default but you can also choose to place it at the bottom) and basic functionality.

This post focuses on how to make basic changes to the appearance and position of the banner. For a more in-depth look at full settings and customization, see this complete guide on the installation and full customization of the iubenda cookie solution (includes how to extensively modify banner visuals, general behaviour of the Cookie solution and the obtaining of consent).

To begin making customizations to your banner, go to Dashboard > [your website/app], then click on Edit under the Cookie Solution area. This will take you directly to the customization panel:

iubenda Cookie Solution customization panel - Basic view

Here you can immediately:

  • Change the banner position (top or bottom).

  • Change basic banner visuals such as theme color (dark, light or custom).

  • Activate/deactivate prior blocking and asynchronous re-activation. We strongly advise against deselecting prior blocking if you want to be complying with EU legislation (details on the advanced guide and on the Introduction to the Prior Blocking of Scripts).

  • Activate/deactivate consent on continued browsing. Deselect it if you don’t want to collect consent by scrolling and continued browsing activity. When this option is deselected consents are only registered when the user explicitly closes the banner/modal or clicks on the “Continue to browse” button (within the modal).

  • Activate/deactivate consent on scroll. Deselect it if you don’t want to collect consent by scrolling (details in Cookies and the GDPR: What’s Really Required?).

  • Activate/deactivate consent on page interaction. Deselect it if you don’t want to collect consent by clicking on a button/link on the page.

Advanced view

Clicking on Advanced view will open up a full list of advanced options that will allow you to customize everything from banner animation, cookie policy link text and banner content to banner css, cookie expiration time and callbacks.

iubenda Cookie Solution customization panel - Advanced view

See also

  • The advanced guide further explains how to make advanced modifications to the cookie banner and its behaviour.

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