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Data Processing Agreement iubenda <> users

In order to ensure compliance with the GDPR, we’ve adapted iubenda’s T&Cs to the new legal framework.
In particular, we’ve added a Data Processing Agreement pursuant to art. 28 of the GDPR that becomes a binding part of our contractual relationship with iubenda’s users.
In addition to the small change within the terms to accommodate the DPA, we’ve made some minor adjustments, as outlined below:

Data Processing Agreement

We’ve added a small section to the terms document below Duties of the User that includes the DPA by reference.

The DPAs can be found here

The terms (summarized) can be found here

The terms (full view) can be found here

What changes for the iubenda user

The DPA outlines iubenda’s duties concerning certain data processing practices. It does, in any case, not affect the way users were using iubenda until today.