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FADP compliance for your site, app, and organization

Complying with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) can seem complex and daunting. We simplify the process by offering solutions designed to help you meet FADP requirements. From creating a privacy policy to keeping records of your processing activities, our tools help you maintain compliance with ease.

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Does the FADP Apply to You?

The FADP applies to Swiss-based companies and foreign companies that process data of users based in Switzerland. This includes a wide range of organizations such as businesses, charities, and public bodies.

What's Required for FADP Compliance

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Create a Privacy Policy


The latest requirements of the FADP necessitate an updated Privacy Policy that provides all essential details for your users to assert their rights and understand the data processing activities clearly. With our enhanced Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator, you can effortlessly align your online activities with FADP requirements.

Both websites and apps need a privacy policy that is compliant with FADP. It should be clear, easy to understand, and easily accessible.

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Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Generate a privacy policy that's compliant with FADP in a matter of minutes.

Automated Clauses and Real-Time Site Scanning

  • Our generator includes automated decision-making and profiling clauses.
  • New data transfer clauses for users in Switzerland.
  • Real-time Site Scanner to identify required services that should be included in your policy.

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Maintain FADP Records of Your Processing Activities


You're required to keep records on how you collect, process, and store data as follows:

  1. Note down who is responsible for managing the data.
  2. Clearly state why you're gathering this information.
  3. Describe the types of data you're collecting and whom it's about.
  4. List the people or organizations who will have access to this data.
  5. If you can, mention how long you'll be keeping the data or how you'll decide when to delete it.
  6. Provide a simple explanation of what you're doing to keep this data secure.
  7. If the data is going to be shared outside the country, you need to specify which country it's going to and what safeguards are in place.

And don't forget, maintaining this list isn't a one-time thing; it's part of ongoing compliance with FADP requirements.

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Register of Data Processing Activities

Document all your data processing activities within your organization in compliance with the FADP. Our Register of Data Processing Activities feature also allows you to specify the legal basis for data transfer abroad according to the FADP requirements.

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Display a Data Consent Notice


If you use cookies or similar technologies, the FADP requires you to:

  • inform your users about the use of cookies and similar technologies
  • provide your users with an easily accessible way to exercise their right to opt out at any time of the use of cookies and similar technologies
  • collect consent prior to the processing of sensitive personal data or high risk profiling
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Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

Create and manage a data consent notice easily with our tool.

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Penalties for FADP Non-Compliance

The FADP has various penalties for non-compliance, which could include fines and reputational damage.

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Do I need a cookie banner for FADP?

No, FADP adopts an opt-out approach, so a cookie banner isn't specifically required. However, our tool offers a dedicated option for displaying a cookie banner if you wish to do so.

What if I also have to comply with GDPR or LGPD?

Our tool offers geolocation features to apply different consent mechanisms based on user locations. Alternatively, you can apply a global prior-consent approach.

Can I customize the cookie banner myself?

Yes, enable the Switzerland option in Manual Configuration within the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution Generator to customize it to your needs.

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