Cookie Solution – PrestaShop Plugin Installation Guide

The PrestaShop plugin by iubenda allows you to automate the implementation of the cookie law rules, drastically reducing the necessity for direct interventions in the site’s code.

  • The module is currently compatible with PrestaShop 1.7.x
  • You also need to have overrides enabled (enabled by default)

iubenda Cookie Solution for PrestaShop


  • The plugin automatically adds the iubenda code to all the pages of a site (to the HEAD section);
  • Automatically blocks:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Google Maps
    • Google AdSense
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • AddThis
    • ShareThis
  • Manages the visualization of the banner and of the cookie policy, as well as the saving of user’s consent preferences as per cookie installation;
  • Simplifies the management of the iubenda Cookie Solution for multilingual sites.


Installation and activation

  • Log in and open the admin section to get to your main PrestaShop dashboard;
  • Click on Modules > Modules & Services in the sidebar menu;
  • Click on Upload a module in the header section;
  • To install the module upload the “” file (click here to download) – you must point to the module’s zip archive, and not its folder or any of its unpacked files.

If the installation is successful, you’ll get this message:

PrestaShop plugin by iubenda

The module will then appear in your list of modules under “Modules & Services”.

Now it’s time to go configure the settings of the module.

How to add the cookie banner and modify settings

Now that the module is ready, we need to feed it the necessary information from your iubenda account.

  • If you haven’t clicked on the Configure button inside the “Module installed!” pop-up message, navigate to the Modules & Services page and find the iubenda module: PrestaShop plugin by iubenda

  • Click on Configure to go to the module configuration settings.

  • Add the code from your iubenda account to the extension (this is what the embedding code looks like in your iubenda dashboard): Embed Cookie Solution (If you haven’t already generated your cookie banner and code, you can do so here or for in-depth information you can read the introduction to the iubenda Cookie Solution guide. )

  • Paste that code into the plugin form and save: PrestaShop plugin by iubenda
    (Being PHP native, we recommend the primary, faster option for the parsing engine. If you’re experiencing some issues, try with the alternative based on a custom HTML DOM class)


In the example above we’re using the Safemode channel, however, you’ll need to copy the code specific to the channel that you’re using. In most cases Safemode will suffice, however, for example, if you have the IAB CMP Framework enabled, you’ll need to be on the Beta channel. You can read more about channels here.

At this point, the plugin will start to show the banner which links your cookie policy to your users on their first visit. In addition, the plugin automatically recognizes and blocks cookies from all installed YouTube video players, social widgets – such as the Facebook Like Box, Twitter and G+ buttons etc., Google AdSense, Google Maps, AddThis and ShareThis on your site.

Further information

For API calls and xmlrpc we suggest the parameter ?iub_no_parse=1.

Changelog and current version


Fix: Invalid iubenda parser implementation


Tweak: Update and unify iubenda parsing engine


Fix: Eage output empty if script blocking disabled


Tweak: iubenda faster class regex update


Initial release

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