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Whistleblowing Management Tool

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EU Whistleblower Directive
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Tailored for the EU Whistleblower Directive and its requirement for EU companies or branches with 50+ employees to establish a secure internal reporting channel, this tool helps keep you compliant with a secure platform for receiving and managing whistleblower reports. Maintain an easy-to-use reporting form for employees and other stakeholders, and manage the whole process from an all-in-one dashboard.

Learn more about the requirements

IMPORTANT: Even if your company is based outside the EU, if you have an EU branch with at least 50 employees, it also needs to comply with the directive.

Set up and use your Whistleblowing Management Tool in three easy steps.

1. Activate and embed

Activate the tool from your iubenda dashboard, and embed the reporting form where it can be easily accessed by employees or other potential reporting persons.

2. Get notified of reports

When a report is submitted, your Whistleblowing Manager receives an email notification instantly, while the anonymous reporting option keeps whistleblowers’ identities a secret.

3. Process reports and follow up

Your Whistleblowing Manager can view the details of the report in their dashboard and follow up when appropriate. Real-time updates mean you stay informed of each report’s status throughout the entire process.

Take charge of whistleblower reports with iubenda

Activate the Whistleblowing Management Tool, and make it easy to submit and manage written reports.

Does it apply to me?

The Whistleblower Directive applies to EU companies or branches with 50+ employees, as well as to local authorities serving 10k+ people. Here's how to comply:

Establish an Internal Reporting Channel

Companies need a way for employees and other stakeholders to report wrongdoing directly. These internal channels must be confidential and secure.

Provide Information for Reporting Persons

Inform all employees and any potential reporting persons of their rights and protections, and train them on the reporting process.

Protect Whistleblowers’ Information

Keep whistleblowers’ personal data confidential, and make sure they stay anonymous if they want to. As always, complying with data protection rules like GDPR is vital.

Prevent Retaliation

Organizations are required to take proactive measures to prevent retaliation by putting an anti-retaliation policy in place, conducting fair internal investigations, and supporting whistleblowers who do face retaliation.

Features and Benefits

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Quick setup

From your dashboard, activate the whistleblowing tool. Add your form wherever you need it, and start collecting reports instantly — it's that easy.

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Effortless configuration

Speed through our guided setup. You’ll save time and while moving closer to complete compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive.

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Comprehensive dashboard

Navigate to the all-in-one dashboard to monitor and manage incoming reports. Filter, sort, and focus on the details most crucial for your organization's compliance.

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Smooth integration

Don't disrupt your current systems. Integrate your forms across various platforms, ensuring your existing workflows and procedures stay intact.

  • Anonymous reporting

    Encourage transparent communication without compromising personal data. Create an environment where whistleblowers feel safe and respected when raising concerns.

  • Detailed reports

    Delve into each report's specifics. Gain immediate access to necessary details, while ensuring a confidential communication channel for whistleblowers.

  • Live status updates

    Stay in the loop with every report's journey. Real-time updates allow you to monitor developments, ensuring prompt and effective responses to raised concerns.

  • Consistent across devices

    Foster a user-friendly environment. Allow whistleblowers to submit concerns from any device they choose, guaranteeing a seamless and familiar user experience.

  • Secure user access

    Take control over report visibility. With role-specific permissions, you can ensure that only authorized individuals can access and view sensitive whistleblower data.

  • Transparent record-keeping

    Maintain a crystal clear log of all actions within the whistleblowing procedure. These comprehensive records are invaluable for legal protection and ethical business practice.

  • Easy printable forms

    Broaden your reporting avenues. Offer your employees options with QR-enabled PDF forms that can be printed and placed in public areas. Simply scan a QR code to start a new report.


Who needs to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive?

Any EU-based company with 50+ employees has to comply with the requirements of the directive or face penalties. The whistleblower directive also lays out rules for local authorities serving over 10k people.
IMPORTANT: Even if your company is based outside the EU, if you have an EU branch with at least 50 employees, it also needs to comply with the directive.

What do I have to do to comply?

First, introduce a reporting system like our new Whistleblowing Management Tool. We simplify all the required confidentiality and secure data processing. Next up — educate your employees about their rights and how to make a report. Our printable report forms with QR codes and cross-platform consistency make that easy too. You also need to let reports be filed anonymously and protect a reporting person’s identity if they choose to include their information when reporting. Anonymous Reporting is bundled into your forms with iubenda. Last but not least, establish firm anti-retaliation policies, uphold fair investigations, and back whistleblowers whenever challenges arise.

IMPORTANT: While our Whistleblowing Management Tool is designed to support written reports for your business, the Directive also requires you to enable in-person and oral reporting within your internal reporting channel, while providing the same protections to reporting persons.

How does the anonymous reporting feature work?

It’s a simple form option. Protecting whistleblowers’ data and respecting their anonymity is written into the directive, so make sure you have a secure solution like what you get with iubenda. Our reporting tool lets individuals choose Anonymous Reporting while filling out a form. Since no personal data is collected, there’s no risk of identifying the person making the report, and your dashboard shows only the necessary details to act on the report.

What sort of violations can be reported?

Our ready-to-use form includes multiple options for reporting, such as privacy violations, financial misconduct, consumer protection, harassment, environmental issues, and more.

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Beyond whistleblowing management, iubenda offers a powerful suite of compliance tools, from privacy policies and cookie banners to enterprise-level data processing records. Boost your compliance and keep your operations transparent and trustworthy with our wide range of services.

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