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The Privacy Policy must contain the personal data collected, together with the purpose.
With iubenda, you only need to describe your website choosing which services collecting personal data your website uses. Remember that even a cookie is considered as personal data.

What is a Service?

We grouped the personal data (such as Cookie or IP Address) the purposes (such as Analytics or Advertising) and the providers (such as Google or even your own website) into services. Each service corresponds to a small piece of privacy policy, and provides all the relevant information to the end users of your website.

How do I build the Privacy Policy for my website?

To build the privacy policy, you just need to choose every service that your website uses. It might use services provided by third-parties (such as Google Analytics or Google Adsense), or services provided by your own website (such as a newsletter or a registration).
Once that every service has been added, you can continue the generating process and integrate the Privacy Policy with your website.

How do I understand which Personal Data my website collects?

To understand the personal data collected on your website, just try to scroll the list of services by clicking on the “Add services” button. If you find something familiar, just click on the “add” button. Usually, examples of personal data collection are: collection for analytics purposes (e.g. to know how many visitors your website collects), collection for advertising purposes (banners and similar stuffs), email address collection for keeping your users up to date, registration form.

Iubenda may not cover some of the services you use. If this happens, just drop us a line at [email protected] asking us to fill the gap.

If none of the names of the services you read sounds familiar, try to ask for help to the web designer who built your website, or to the one who manages it.

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