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Make Your Privacy Policy Available for Offline Viewing

Our privacy policy for mobile apps is very flexible and fast to implement. One very valid request is not entirely straight forward, however. How can you make iubenda’s privacy policy available for offline viewing?

This is such a request from an existing user:

Our app collects user data while the mobile device isn’t connected to the internet. According to german law, we need to have the privacy policy offline available for the user. Simply putting a link to the privacy policy into the app isn’t enough. Is it possible to just copy and paste the text into our app?

Let me therefore point out how you can properly include your privacy policy for offline viewing in your app.

There are 2 ways of integrating your iubenda privacy policy:

The direct link works perfectly for the app stores and even in-app. However if you need to make your text viewable offline we suggest you do it in the cleanest way possible by incorporating the text into your view.

How to incorporate iubenda for offline viewing

iubenda’s direct text embedding features an option to call the text from our API.

Direct text embedding via API

You should therefore:

  • call the API instead of the javascript solution;
  • cache the request for offline viewing.

All of the info about direct text embedding and the API can be found here.

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