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Adding iubenda’s Privacy Policy to Your Site: Direct Text Embedding and API

The direct text embedding option (Pro/Ultra License required) makes your privacy policy look as if it were natively a part of your own site. On mobile apps the policy displays both the simplified version (on top) and the legal version (below) per default.

We offer multiple ways for embedding a privacy policy into the body of one of your pages. You can copy and paste the JavaScript into your page, or call our API from your backend.

There are 4 options:

  • Styled privacy policy
    • Embed via JavaScript
    • Embed via API from your backend
  • Clean HTML privacy policy with no styles
    • Embed via JavaScript
    • Embed via API from your backend
Privacy policy - Direct Text Embedding

Direct text embedding example (with style)

Click on the button below for an example. You’ll notice that the document fits your page in terms of size and style of text. You can also edit HTML and CSS to make it more in line with the appearance of your site/app.

Unchecking the “Simplified privacy policy” option the privacy policy will be displayed directly in its full version.

Direct embedding with style
Privacy Policy

Direct text embedding example (with no style)

By activating the “Use plain HTML with no styling (only shows the legal version)” option, the document will be displayed without any styles applied.

Direct embedding with no style
Privacy Policy

API Documentation

The following API URLs are available:


:public_id is the ID of your privacy policy provided by your privacy policy embedding options.

Note: the JSON API doesn’t include the CSS provided by to the default iubenda privacy policies.


curl --include --request GET ''


Everything OK, response status 200:

{ :success => true, :content => "… privacy policy content …" }

Required privacy policy is not found, response status 404:

{ :success => false, :error => "Privacy Policy not found." }

Required privacy policy is not Pro, response status 403:

{ :success => false, :error => "To access this privacy policy via API, convert it to Pro" }

Application error, response status 500:

{ :success => false, :error => "Application Error. Please contact for support" }

Other embedding options

iubenda’s privacy policy offers two other integration options:

If you would like to have additional questions answered regarding the embedding of your privacy policy in this way, please don’t hesitate to post it to our support forum.

Video: Integration options


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