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How to use iubenda privacy and cookie policy on an ePages website


ePages has recently introduced limitations that actually prevent the integration of our policies. This guide will be updated as soon as it’s possible to edit the footer and/or include HTML code on the pages.

iubenda can be used in 3 ways:

  • free iubenda button
  • direct link
  • direct text embedding (see how it works)

Iubenda works the same way on ePages. You can take advantage of iubenda’s free version by using our button, you can add a direct link to your ePages site that will then lead your users to your iubenda-hosted privacy policy, or you can directly embed the privacy policy text into your ePages privacy policy page.

1. The free iubenda button

You can add the button to your footer by logging into your ePages admin and clicking on “Design”.

Then scroll down to the footer and click the plus icon to add an element.

Now you will find a modal window with options. Choose “User-defined page elements > Text (HTML)”.

In the edit page element settings choose the code editor and copy-paste your privacy policy code, created in your iubenda dashboard. Click “Apply” to finalise the iubenda privacy policy button in your ePages footer.

2. The direct link

As an alternative to the above solution which opens a modal window when the button is clicked, you can use a simple link which will open a page hosting your iubenda privacy policy. The instructions are the same as above with the exception that you will add a link to your ePages footer instead of a html element. The link is retrievable from your iubenda dashboard.


  • log in to your ePages admin and click on “Design”;
  • scroll down to the footer and click the plus icon;
  • choose “User-defined page elements > Link”;
  • add the iubenda link and call it “Privacy Policy”;
  • if your site has various languages get the links for each language;
  • Done.

3. The direct text embedding

The best solution for your ePages site is the direct text embedding option, which allows you to directly embed the iubenda privacy policy into your site in 11 different languages. Let’s see how it works.


  • log in to your ePages admin and click on “Content/Categories”;
  • navigate to the “Datasheet view”;
  • click on the existing privacy policy link;
  • in the long description form use the source editor;
  • paste the direct embedding code obtained from your iubenda dashboard;
  • if you have various languages, repeat the process in the forms for each language;
  • Done.

Screenshots to illustrate direct text embedding: