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ePrivacy and Direct Email Marketing (DEM)

If you are sending a newsletter to your users, then we suggest you add the Newsletter service from within the generator admin. In addition to this we suggest you add your newsletter sending provider (the service that gets your users’ email address).

If, in addition to sending a simple newsletter, you also send direct email marketing (DEM) emails (emails that promote services other than your own or include product advertising from third parties), you’ll want to look at our service called Direct Email Marketing (DEM).

Depending on how you collect the email address by your users, you may want to add a contact form, or any other form you devise.

These are therefore the 3 main service types usually connected with email newsletters on iubenda:

  • Newsletter [iubenda service]
  • Direct Email Marketing (DEM) [iubenda service]
  • Newsletter provider [any provider you use]

Keep in mind that in many legislations, you may need to request consent (e.g. using an unchecked checkbox for newsletter sign up) before sending emails to the user.

About the DEM service in Germany

If you do DEM in Germany, then you need to write some custom parts to get your privacy policy ready.

The following statement is included in our standard DEM service:

Direct Email Marketing (DEM)
This Application uses the User Data to propose services and products provided by third parties or unrelated to the product or service provided by this Application.

In addition to this you must add a statement that specifies which kind of goods and services of which companies will be promoted through the newsletter.

Create the DEM service for Germany

This is how you do that:

  • Press on Add service
  • Press on Create custom service (there you describe your DEM’s processes and contents)
  • Press on Add

There are two ways to get this job done:

  • copy the above original DEM statement, paste it into the custom service made under the instructions above (Create the DEM service for Germany) and then add the additional statement (“there you describe your DEM’s processes and contents”). You will end up with one clause/service covering the topic. Or

  • add the DEM service from the generator admin and add a custom service referring to that service. You will end up with two clauses/services covering the topic.


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