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How to resell iubenda’s solutions to your clients

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You’ve landed on one of our legacy guides that refer to our previous pricing model. For our current pricing details, check out this page.

In this guide, we have answered many of the most frequently asked questions on how to resell iubenda’s solutions to your clients. You will find some practical tips on how to manage your customers plans and profit from the resale of our software.

If I want to resell iubenda’s solutions to my clients, can I manage all the activations from my account or is it more appropriate to invite each customer to open their own account?

Both approaches are possible.

Generally, our partners manage all of the activations from their one iubenda account, in order to easily manage all their projects on behalf of their clients.

In this way, the partner/reseller can easily control all aspects from a single dashboard: from billing to configuration and installation of services.

However, if you prefer, you can also have each client create their own iubenda account.

Is there a dedicated pricing for resellers and partners?

Resellers and partners can benefit from the discounts reserved to those who buy our solutions in bulk, which is another reason to manage all your projects from a single iubenda account.

In particular, to use the Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator and the Terms and Conditions Generator, you can choose one of our Multi-license Plans. Instead of purchasing a Pro or Ultra license one at a time, you can then select a package starting from 5 slots, saving up to 50% compared to purchasing single licenses.

When using the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution on sites that exceed the free use threshold (25,000 page views/month), you can select a paid Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution plan that covers the total page views generated by all of these sites. For example, if you manage 2 sites that generate 150,000 page views/month each, you can purchase a single 300,000 page views/month plan to cover both.

Finally, the Consent Database and Internal Privacy Management plan is offered at a flat fee of $39/month. This cost covers all of the projects that are inside your iubenda account. The only limit, in this case, is that you cannot record more than 10,000 consents/month through the Consent Database. If you have projects that record more than 10,000 consents/month, you can contact us to activate a customized plan.

Remember that, at any time, you can modify your iubenda billing plan, for example, by increasing or decreasing the number of slots included in your Multi-license Plan or the page views/month threshold of your Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution plan.

For more information about the pricing of our solutions, you can visit our pricing page. The Multi-license Plans are available in the “Custom” section.

Can I apply a markup to the iubenda solutions that I resell to my clients?

Of course you can. You have two options in this regard:

  • If you manage your clients’ projects directly from your account, you will be the one paying for iubenda’s services and benefiting from our bulk purchasing discounts. Subsequently, you will be able to charge the service to the end customer, directly applying your own markup.
  • If instead you decide to let each customer create an iubenda account, you will be able to invoice a fee for the initial configuration and installation service of our solutions. In addition, if you join our affiliate program, you will receive a commission on the first purchase made by your customers.

The first option definitely offers more earning opportunities.

In fact, you can resell the iubenda services at the price list, earning on the difference between the full price of iubenda and the discounted price that you are paying because of the bulk purchase. Moreover, in this case you can apply an initial fee for the configuration and installation service, and a recurring maintenance fee to continue to manage iubenda services on behalf of your customers after the first activation.

To make this clearer, let’s look at a practical example. If you activate the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution and Consent Database on behalf of a client, you can charge:

  • $129/year for each language in which the documents are available. If you have a 200 slots Multi-license Plan active, the cost for you is actually $93/year per language. You are then applying a first markup of $36/year.
  • If your customer’s site generates about 50,000 page views/month, the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution is $143/year. If you are managing 6 sites with 50,000 page views/month, using a 300,000 page views/month Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution plan, the cost is $71/year per site. You are therefore applying an additional $72/year markup.
  • $429/year for the Consent Database. If you are using the Consent Database on 10 projects, the cost is actually $43/year per project. You are therefore applying a markup of $386/year. In this case the markup is so high that you could also resell the Consent Database to your client at a lower price than the list price. For example, you could resell the solution at $200/year and still receive a markup of $157/year.

In the example above, you will then resell the iubenda services at $428/year, including a discount on the Consent Database for your customer. In the meantime, you will be generating a markup of $265/year.

In addition to this, you can apply an initial fee for the configuration and installation of the solutions performed on your customer’s site; the amount in this case may vary depending on your hourly rates and the time you need to complete the activation. Lastly, you can request an annual maintenance fee.

To whom is the iubenda invoice sent? To me or to the customer?

If you manage your clients’ projects within your iubenda account, you will pay for the service and receive the relevant invoice. On the other hand, if you have each client create an iubenda account, the service will be paid directly by the client and therefore they will receive the relative invoice.

How can I relieve myself from any responsibilities towards my clients?

The first advice we give to resellers and partners of our network is to clearly inform their customers of their legal obligations, with particular reference to what is necessary for the adaptation of a site/app.

In this regard, we offer some useful resources, such as email templates, that can be used to inform customers about the different requirements to be met and the risks they run in case of non-compliance. If you are not a lawyer or a legal advisor, you can also point out to your client that, due to your role as a technical advisor, you can only provide information and support on the compliance, but you cannot assume any responsibility in this regard.

In addition to this, you must provide each client with a specific waiver to relieve yourself from responsibilities. Also in this case you can use our waiver template, available in the Compliance Content Kit – together with the above-mentioned email templates – that you will receive by completing our Certification Program.

In practice, the waiver allows you to clarify that your role towards the clients is as a “technical advisor”, available to help them make their site/app compliant with the regulations thanks to iubenda, without being able to offer any legal guarantee in this regard, as it is the prerogative of a lawyer or legal consultant.

Alongside a signed waiver, remember to ask the client for a written confirmation (for example, by email) of the acceptance of the work done.

Are there any other aspects to take into account in order to properly manage the relationships with my clients?

Regardless of whether or not you decide to use iubenda to help your clients with their compliance, if you are a web professional you will be placed, almost always, as the data processor for your clients.

In this scenario, according to GDPR, it is therefore necessary to be appointed as data processor by each client. In practice, the appointment serves to make clear that you are a person authorized to access and process data on behalf of your client.

To manage this, you can use our Data Processing Agreement template. For more information on the responsibilities of agencies and web professionals according to GDPR, you can also consult this guide.

Remember that, in addition to GDPR, other legislations may also provide for similar procedures. For example, the CCPA requires that the company – i.e. your customer – and the service provider – for example, your agency – sign a contract called the Service Provider Agreement, which contains some provisions to make it clear that the legal requirements are met.

Also in this case, we offer a CCPA Service Provider Addendum.

Is it possible to give clients access to their iubenda project?

If you manage your clients’ projects in your iubenda account, only you can access the dashboard.

However, we are working on a feature that will allow you to offer your clients the possibility to access their project, hosted on your dashboard, from a separate iubenda account. Make sure you have given your consent to receive our newsletters: we will send you a notification as soon as this feature is available.

What do I have to do to include my profile in the iubenda Certified Partners directory?

The inclusion in our Certified Partners directory is reserved to those who complete the Certification Program as Silver or Gold level Partner, or as Legal Partner.

If you have already obtained one of these certifications, you will receive an email with instructions to request inclusion in the directory.

If I need information or support, is there a dedicated support channel I can contact as a Partner/Reseller?

For any information or support requests, you can contact us at the priority partner/reseller channel: business@iubenda.com

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