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Which Countries Is Your Privacy Policy Good For?

One of our greatest efforts is seeking to cover every country’s law by adopting the strictest privacy rules required in each country.

  1. We take the strictest laws and regulations and implement them into our policies
  2. Our lawyers manage the legal text and our software crafts your policies
  3. We monitor the legal landscape for changes and implement them automatically

To be more specific: Our privacy policy texts have been written with European privacy rules at the core. Europe has a very well developed privacy law sector. The relevant legal framework being the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive (Cookie Law).

Like other data protection legislations, these regulations can apply even if you’re not based in the EU. The GDPR, in particular, applies in any one of three scenarios:

  • where your base of operations is in the EU;
  • where you’re not established in the EU but you offer goods or services (even if the offer is for free) to people in the EU; or
  • where you’re not established in the EU, but monitor the behavior of people who are in the EU (as long as that behavior takes place in the EU).

Similarly, California’s Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) can apply whether or not you’re based in California. (You can read more about determining your law of reference here.)

Our job is to keep up with these developments across various legislations, and help you through our policy framework.
We have adopted and regularly monitor changes among several legislations across the globe such as the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and so forth.

In addition to legal requirements, we also frequently monitor major third-party requirements such as (App store & Ad network requirements) as well.

Read more about compliance in our Legal Requirements Overview Guide.