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How to Edit a Privacy Policy

As a matter of fact, changes are often required and can be done anytime.

For example, anytime you use a new third party service or anytime you change any other data collection practices you should update your privacy policy to reflect the actual practices on your site. Or again, you may have to update the (company) name and address of the data controller.


You can access your iubenda dashboard and make changes to your privacy policy at any time at no extra charge:

  • If you’re using the free plan you will have access to all services included under that plan and can simply upgrade to a PRO account to access services marked as “PRO”; you will not be charged extra for adding or editing services.
  • If you have one or more PRO license(s) you can do whatever you wish for the duration of your license(s).

Moreover, there’s no need to repeat the integration process as the changes will be applied remotely.

Why is everyone updating their privacy policy (and do I need to do the same)?

You may have seen an increase in notices about privacy policy updates, particularly if you’re based in California, United States. This is likely due to required changes in Californian consumer rights under the CPRA (CCPA amendment). If you’re a business that targets or could potentially have Californian users you need to:

  • update your privacy policy to include the required disclosures; and
  • inform your users about the update to your privacy policy.
You can read more about the CPRA and it’s requirements here.

How to change the URL of the site or the name of the app

It can become necessary to edit the title of an iubenda generated document, either because you’ve changed your site’s URL, renamed your app or because you need to switch licenses from one Privacy Policy to another.

This edit is easily done at any moment from your iubenda account:

  • Enter your Dashboard and click on the site you want to change the name of
  • Next, click on the Edit button on the right of the site or name of the app to modify
How to change the URL of the website or app after generating a privacy/cookie policy with iubenda

Alternatively, you can also update this from within the policy editor (click Edit under Privacy and Cookie Policy), then click on the little grey pencil at the right of the site url/app title and edit as needed:

Edit URL from within policy editor

For information on how to duplicate an existing site please see here.

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