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Where Can I Find My Invoices?

After every purchase, iubenda automatically generates and sends an invoice to the email address associated with your account (or a different one you specified).


Beginning January 1st 2019, all invoices will now be generated in electronic format. Click here to jump to the section on e-invoices.

You can download your invoices together with a summary of active services and plans from within your account area by going to your Account & Billing info page:


Invoices are generated and sent within 5 days of purchase.

About Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing came into enforcement on the 1st January, 2019, for businesses operating in Italy. We have, therefore, started issuing e-invoices for everyone.

The actual electronic invoice is an xml file which is downloadable from the invoice section alongside the standard pdf invoice. Invoices will also be sent via email as per usual.

We will also send all e-invoices to the Italian Agenzia delle Entrate’s SDI (Sistema di Interscambio) as required.

New Fields: Certified Email Address” and “Recipient code for electronic invoicing” are two new fields that will appear in the user invoice if a VAT number has been provided. Neither of these 2 fields are strictly mandatory.

What Does This Mean for Italy-Based and Non-Italy-Based Users

Non-Italy-based users: Your invoices will now be available in both electronic (xml) format and the usual pdf. You have no additional requirement and can ignore the two additional fields in the user invoice.

Italy-based users: So that we’re able to issue your upcoming invoices, you’ll need to provide at least one of the following important pieces of information:

  • your certified email address (Italian → PEC – Posta Elettronica Certificata); or
  • your recipient code for electronic invoicing (Italian → Codice Destinatario).

You can add this information by logging into your iubenda Account, clicking on “Review invoicing info” at the bottom of the page and filling in the corresponding fields.

* Please note that in order to make the above fields appear at first, you may need to remove your VAT number and enter it again.

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