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Pricing FAQs

You can find the full Pricing Page here.

Over the years we’ve extended our line of solutions to meet the growing needs of our customers. This has also resulted in changes to our pricing model as we’ve extended our offerings. We understand that changes can sometimes lead to some confusion, so we’ve created the following table to explain the two main pricing models we use and which products they apply to. Full pricing details can, of course, be found on our pricing page.

Pricing models at a glance

Paid Products

License Model Subscription Model
Single Multi
Applies a single license slot which can be used for one site, app or language. Multiple single licenses. Offers significant savings when more than 4 license slots are needed.
Flat-Rate Usage-based package
A flate rate applies regardless of the number of sites or usage. This model currently applies to the Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management Solution package. This model applies to the Cookie Solution. This flexible subscription plan allows you to adjust as your needs change and usage increases / decreases. Categories under this model correlate to your number of expected page views. E.g. 50K page views, 150K etc.
*Monthly pageviews of up to 25K are not counted (see free section below).

See full pricing details on the Pricing Page.

Free Products

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator Cookie Solution
  • Free license applies to one site in one language
  • Includes up to 4 (non-Pro) service clauses
  • Does not include Cookie Policy

Read more about the basic (free) license here

  • Completely free (with no treshold) for compliance with CCPA.
  • Free for up to 25K page-views monthly (for compliance with GDPR, LGPD & ePrivacy)
  • After the 25K threshold the legally required cookie blocking mechanism will no longer function. When you’re about to cross this threshold, you will be alerted within your dashboard – giving you the option to upgrade to a usage package that applies to your site’s needs.

General FAQs

What payment options are there?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

What about taxes?

Our prices include VAT, where applicable.

What about refunds?

Request your refund by 14 days after your purchase or renewal, no questions asked!

What Is the Difference Between License and Policy?

The privacy/cookie policy is the legal document that you can integrate into your site or app using iubenda. Every policy and each translation thereof requires the purchase of a License.

For example, if you need 3 policies for 3 different websites/ apps, you must purchase 3 Pro Licenses. Similarly, if you need a privacy policy for a single website in two languages, you will need to purchase two Pro licenses. From 4 licenses on, we recommend the purchase of our Multi-license plans. Basic (free) accounts, allow you to generate a policy for one site in one language but with certain limitations.

Why am I paying on a yearly/monthly basis and not only once?

The yearly/monthly subscription pricing is our way of keeping your costs low, while giving you access to attorney-level quality. Instead of paying a one-off attorney fee of up to thousands of dollars (not to mention legal translation costs), we offer a convenient yearly/monthly payment option.

This is also the reason for our best features: we keep improving the privacy policy behind the scenes and push the changes automatically. We also keep adding new clauses and adapt the text to any changes in privacy laws and regulations.

Privacy & Cookie Policy generator

I don’t need your privacy/cookie policy, can I use only the Cookie Solution?

You’re at least required to create a free account in order to activate the Cookie Solution. After creating the account, you can then generate using the Cookie Solution and customize as needed. If you choose not to generate a Cookie policy with us you can simply insert the link of your external cookie policy.

Can I keep the privacy policy when I don’t renew the Pro License?

It is not possible to go on using your paid privacy policy if you don’t renew your Pro subscription.

This doesn’t apply to a free privacy policy. Any privacy policy that was generated under our Basic License will stay free and you can use it on your site.

Cookie Solution

I run a few sites under 25k page views/month, whereas others exceed this threshold. How are page views counted for my Cookie Solution plan?

All sites under 25k pageviews/month are free and are not counted in any way. Example: 3 sites that generate 20k, 50k and 100k page views/month respectively, only require a plan for 150k page views, because the one with 20k is not considered.

I have an account with 10 licenses for 10 websites, but one of the websites with the using the Cookie Solution has passed the free 25K page views, how do I change the plan for this site only without changing all 10 sites?

In this instance your talking about the Cookie Solution, which has nothing to do with the number of licenses. To add the extra page views to your website, simply go to the pricing page while logged into your account and click on Edit under the Cookie Solution section. Once there, select the plan you’d like to upgrade to.

How to upgrade Cookie Solution

All websites on the account not exceeding 25K page views are not counted and keep being free.

Is the Cookie policy also available on the Basic (free) License?

The License model does not apply to the Cookie Solution (see table above). However you can still use the Cookie Solution (which is free for all sites under 25k pageviews/month). That said, Basic privacy policy licenses do not include the cookie policy. Therefore, if you’re using the Cookie Solution while on a basic privacy policy license, you will need to select the “Provide your own Cookie Policy URL” when configuring the Cookie Solution. Remember that valid cookie policies are required under Cookie Law.

Cookie banner customization: can I change its colors, the text or the link?

Practically all aspects of the cookie banner can be changed. Colors, text, behavior and more.

Does the iubenda Cookie Solution allow the prior blocking of cookies/scripts, such as Adsense banners?

Yes, the prior blocking is one of the features available with our Cookie Solution (even on free accounts!) and allows the blocking of scripts prior to obtaining user consent. The previously blocked codes are reactivated automatically and asynchronously as soon as a user’s consent has been obtained.

Terms and Conditions

Does the Pro Plan include Terms and Conditions?

No, the Terms and Conditions Generator is only available on the Ultra Plan. However, the Ultra plan also includes all features of the Pro Plan.

Must I first have a Pro license in order to upgrade to Ultra?

No, having a Pro account is not necessary for accessing the Ultra license – you can also upgrade directly from a Free/Basic account to Ultra — the mechanism for upgrading is the same. The Ultra license comes with all the benefits of the Pro license already included.

How many sites and/or languages are included with the Ultra license?

The Ultra license uses the same pricing formula as the Pro license, therefore, the license by default applies to one site in one language. If you’d like to add other sites or languages, you’ll need to purchase the additional number of licenses required — however, multi-license plans are also available for the Ultra license.

Can I convert from a multi-license plan with Pro licenses to one with Ultra licenses?

Yes you absolutely can — 1 Ultra license uses 5 multi-license slots. This means that if you have 5 available (not currently in use) multi-license slots on your account, you can simply convert to 1 Ultra license without any additional costs. Also, if you have 5 multi-license slots on your account but are using just 1 of the slots for a Privacy Policy, you may still convert to Ultra without additional costs as the Ultra license includes all the features of the Pro license — including the privacy policy.

What happens if I downgrade from Ultra?

If you downgrade from an ultra license, your license is converted to a single Pro license and your extra credit (the unused portion of your subscription fee) is applied to the particular site as an added bonus credit. This bonus credit can be used in two ways:

  • By default, this credit is applied as a “paid-up” amount against your pro subscription (so in the case where you’ve downgraded from 1 Ultra license to Pro subscription, the subscription fee for that particular site will be paid up for the next year or two depending on the amount of bonus credit).
  • The bonus credit can also be used to add extra languages to that particular site.

Note: This bonus credit only applies to the particular site which has been downloaded and therefore cannot be used for purchases made on an “account-level”, such as adding extra sites.

Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management

How much does the Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management cost?

The plan costs $39/mo (€29/mo) at its current introductory price. This cost is separate from the cost associated with your account and license slots. The benefit of this flat-rate pricing is that the solutions in the plan can be used for multiple websites and organizational scenarios at no additional cost. This means that the cost of the Consent Solution & Internal Privacy Management plan will stay the same regardless of what you do with your regular iubenda (Basic, Pro or Ultra) account as this plan is completely independent.

Does purchasing the Plan also give me access to the PRO versions of the Privacy & Cookie Policy generator and Cookie Solution?

No, PRO versions of the Privacy and Cookie Policy and Cookie Solution are not included with this plan as they are separate solutions, however, both the Privacy & Cookie Policy generator and Cookie Solution have free versions available.

Can I purchase and use the plan if I have a free account?

Yes, the plan can be purchased and used independently regardless of your account type.

What does it do?

The plan includes the Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management tools. The Consent Solution helps you to comply with privacy laws, especially the GDPR, by recording and storing proof of consent so that you can meet regulatory requirements. The solution makes it easy for you to track every aspect of consent (including the legal or privacy notice and the consent form that the user was presented with at the time of consent collection) and the related preferences expressed by the user.

The Internal Privacy Management tool helps you to easily record and manage all the data processing activity within your organization so that you can easily comply with requirements and meet your legal obligations. It allows you to create records of processing activity: add processing activities from 1700+ pre-made options, divide them by area (sub-divisions within which data processing activities are the same), assign processors and other member roles, and to document legal bases and other GDPR-required records.

These two solutions work together to ensure that you’re able to comprehensively meet requirements in a simple and convenient way.

Can I purchase the solutions in the plan separately?

No sorry, currently the plan is sold as-is and cannot be unbundled.

Is it possible to pay for the Consent Solution + Internal Privacy Management plan as an annual payment?

No sorry, currently the only payment option available is the monthly payment, however, if this option becomes available in the future we’ll be sure to inform all customers.

You can read more about the Consent Solution here and the Internal Privacy Management tool here.