How to Add a Custom Service and customize to Your Needs

When you find that a clause or service you require is not available from the generator you can do two things:

  • alert us in our user forums
  • individually add a custom service to your privacy policy

At the time of writing iubenda has over 600 third-party integrations and clauses. And yet a legitimate first question is always going to be “will we be able to create a privacy policy with your software to meet all our needs?”.

We have anticipated many data collection practices and the third-party (“service”) integrations are among our most valuable features. But there will always be things that we don’t have, can’t integrate or that are highly personal.

As an example I’d like to offer a recent chat inquiry:

So we have an app that is linked to our client’s online accounting software. From the app they can send receipts directly to accounting. The app requires usage of the phone camera and asks the user to allow access to photos. We have a database where we store the users first name, last name, email, password and accounting id. We also store the receipts in our database. Will we be able to create a privacy policy with your software?

We’ve built iubenda for exactly this reason: to be a framework for apps and websites to build their comprehensive and individually applicable privacy policies upon.

Our policies are highly customizable, yet follow the strictest major global regulations. We offer our users both security in the knowledge that our clauses are expertly crafted by our international legal team, and the flexibility to fully personalize as needed.

How you add a custom service to your privacy policy

The “custom service” is simply a clause that contains details of an additional data collection activity that you participate in, written in your own words (again, is only ever really necessary if you can’t find the particular service among our 600+ pre-made clauses).

As with the other pre-made services, the custom service will also automatically be integrated into the privacy policy text.

To add a custom service:

dashboard > [your website] > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service

How to create a custom service

After having clicked the above pictured “Create custom service” you will be taken to the input prompts where you’ll fill out the details about a particular set of data collection.

  • Your custom service title
  • Describe the types of data you are collecting, who this data is being shared with and if it’s a third party service, include their headquarters (e.g. Germany) and privacy policy.

Add a Custom Service

When you’ve done that, you will be able to preview the changes and find the data collection practices outlined in a highlighted area of the privacy policy called “Further Information about Personal Data“.

Further information about Personal Data

That’s it. With a PRO license you can add as many custom services as you need.

About services in general

If you need more information about services in general, please see the short video introduction below:


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