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Google Play adds new “safety section” to make data collection more transparent

Google has officially released the new safety section on Google Play. In this post, we’ll look at the latest changes and what this means for app developers and their users.

Under Google Play’s current requirements, App developers are required to inform users about the types of data they collect and whether they share this data with third parties
The Data safety section is now available on Google Play for all users, starting from late April 2022.

According to Google, the purpose behind the new safety section is to ensure greater transparency and to make the Google Play Store safer for users.

In addition to the previous requirements, users can see the new summary on the app’s store listing page. In this section developers can share and highlight safety details, such as:

  • Whether and what data are collected;
  • whether and what data are shared with third parties;
  • the app has security practices, like data encryption and whether users can ask for data to be deleted;
  • whether a qualifying app follows their Families policy;
  • the app has been independently validated against a global security standard (more specifically, the MASVS).

What does the safety section include?

The new safety section on Google Play displays all relevant information about collecting and processing users’ data. Users can tap into the summary to see details like:

  • What type of data is collected and shared, such as location, contacts, personal information (e.g., name, email address), financial information and more
  • How the data is used, such as for app functionality, personalization, and more
  • Whether data collection is optional or required in order to use an app
safety section
How the new safety looks like. Credits: Play console help
Images are directional and subject to change

App developers are responsible for the information displayed in their safety section and must comply with it. 

What should developers do to comply with Google Play safety section?

Overall, app developers will need to share their disclosures in the new safety section and have a valid privacy policy in place.

Google underlines that: “All developers that have an app published on Google Play must complete the Data safety form, including apps on internal, closed, open, or production testing tracks.“

Even for apps that do not collect user data, developers are required to fill out the form and provide a link to their privacy policy. In this case, the form and privacy policy may indicate that no user data is collected or shared.

The Data safety form has been available on the App content since October 2021. Developers can submit information in the Google Play Console for review. Starting from late April 2022, the Data safety section is available on Google Play to all users. 

google play timeline
Google Play safety section timeline

By July 20, 2022 all new apps and app updates will be required to have this section approved. New app submissions and app updates will be rejected in Play Console if the form has unresolved issues.

After the deadline, non-compliance could result in additional enforcement actions, such as the removal of the app’s store listing from Google Play.

How iubenda can help you to meet Google Play requirements

iubenda allows you to generate lawyer-crafted, fully customizable privacy policies that are optimized to meet app store requirements. Furthermore, our “simplified” view makes it easier for your users to understand what they’re consenting to and what types of data your app is collecting and processing.

iubenda's Privacy Policy for Google Play's safety section

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