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Rejection Recovery Boost Consent Rates

Unlock better engagement & boost profits

Turn challenges into opportunities with powerful rejection recovery features from iubenda.

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Close the gap between UX and compliance with iubenda’s toolkit

Balancing compliance with user engagement is tough. iubenda’s suite of features is meticulously crafted to bridge this gap for optimal consent rates and a satisfying user journey.

Consent Recovery: Interrupt user-journey interference

Our Consent Recovery feature not only replaces the interruptions with effective notices but also offers a second chance to present the consent dialogue, maximizing your opportunities to obtain user consents.

Cookie Paywall: Make the most of your content

Maximize monetization by rewarding users who grant consent: you can use our flexible Cookie Paywalls to strategically limit access to content based on user consent.

🔔 Heads up:
Curious about where cookie paywalls stand globally? While they’re a topic in some regions, several countries give the green light. Dive into our help post for a clear regional breakdown.

Reverse Proxy: Break through ad-blocker barriers

Ad-blockers can prevent proper cookie banner display and heavily impact your consent rates. Navigate around these blocks with Reverse Proxy.
Guarantee uninterrupted cookie consent collection and earn user trust.

Implement with ease to fast-track your profits

Discover how to easily add these solutions to your website or app with our step-by-step guides.

Boost your consent rates now

Get iubenda’s Ultimate plan today to unlock the full potential of your website or app and tap into new revenue opportunities.

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Do more with a Google Certified Consent Management Platform

Boost ad revenues with iubenda’s Google Certified CMP through exclusive features designed especially for publishers.

Speedy performance

Optimize user engagement and ad delivery with one of the market’s fastest Consent Management Platforms.

Customizable notices

Tailor your banners to resonate with your audience for a better user experience that boosts consent rates organically.

Insightful alerts

Stay ahead with real-time updates and hourly scans so you’re informed on consent metrics and all your chosen services.

Comprehensive compliance

Stay up-to-date with changing regulations and customer expectations thanks to support for an ever-growing number of data laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) platform is a technology solution that enables websites and applications to manage user consents for data processing activities in compliance with data privacy regulations. These platforms aid businesses in efficiently collecting, storing, and documenting user consents while providing users transparency and control over their personal data.
Rejection recovery features are designed for instances when users decline or block scripts on a site or app. Rather than showing gaps or malfunctioning elements, these features seamlessly presents clear notices, offering users a chance to reconsider their choices. Its main goal is to ensure a smooth user journey while maintaining open communication channels, even amid content blocks.
The Cookie Paywall is a strategic tool that allows website owners to restrict access to certain content unless a user provides consent. By offering premium or exclusive content behind this paywall, website owners can encourage users to grant the necessary consents. This not only ensures that the user experience remains uninterrupted, but it also opens up opportunities for website owners to monetize their content more effectively, resulting in increased revenue.
A “Google Certified CMP” means the platform has been approved by Google for managing user consents in advertising. For publishers using AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob, this certification ensures compliance with the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) for users in the European Economic Area or the UK. Additionally, it supports Google Consent Mode, allowing for adjustments based on user consent choices.
With the Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution Configurator, you can easily define the territorial scope and fine-tune compliance settings. The platform provides real-time previews, allowing for seamless adjustments to banner aesthetics, from theme choices to position alterations. Additionally, advanced options are available, offering a deeper layer of customization, catering to your specific brand requirements.
Yes. Our solution are fully responsive to bring the best experience in all the devices. Looking for a mobile native solution? iubenda SDK seamlessly integrate in your app on both Android and iOS to ensure a smooth user experience and maximize your revenue across mobile devices.
Yes. All our plans come with a 14-day money-back guaranteed policy. You can test our solutions and, if you don’t like them, ask for a refund by 14 days after your purchase or renewal. No questions asked!

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